Thank You GOD

Great is the LORD and worthy to be praised..This is the day that HE has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! 

Amazing God, Almighty Father, Thank you for a new day!

We often get so caught up in life that we forget to thank the Creator and Sustainer of that life.  Today we are giving thanks for all things, it doesn’t matter how great or how small. 

Thank you Lord, for the gift of life we all share, thank you for making a way for us to live forever with You. Thank you for my blog family, and thank  you for your Word…we have so much to be thankful for..our families, our daily we give you thanks…as we should..

Okay your turn…give the Lord some thanks for all that HE is doing and has done…and you know the things we haven’t even discovered yet!



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8 responses to “Thank You GOD

  1. I remember as a youth my dad saying grace at the table – and then coming un-glued – big time! We had the table full of farmers from the area – they were there to help us with the “thrashing” – putting up our grain for the season – a big event. Probably a dozen other farmers at the table as dad prayed. After praying, one farmer said; “What do you thank that S-O-B For?!” You could have heard a pin drop – then my dad lost it! I thank God for a father who gave God thanks for the things of life – and for being a Christian example.

  2. Papa- that is awesome that you had such a strong example to be Thankful in all circumstances! That is what i am trying to do…along with reading the Bible and praying..I want to remember to be thankful in all circumstances. love you, and give that mama some love from me! 😉

  3. Can someone tell me why my avatar is not changing on my blog? WP shows gravatar on my profile page..and my new avie is showing up on other blogs..just not mine. I know they are slow sometimes, but 4 days is pretty sloooooow…ya know.

  4. Hey, Darla. I’m thanking the Lord today for stretching me…for moving me beyond my comfort zone. It’s not easy to step out in faith, but when we do the blessings which come are amazing!

    I had the same problem when I changed my avatar. I had to clear my cache to make the newest one pop up. Well, Phat did it for me, which means I can’t give any further direction than that.

    Love you, Princess!!!

  5. PeregrinJoe

    I thank the Lord for my incredible wife and three amazing sons. I am thankful for all the rain we have been getting here after two years of drought. I am thankful that I am employed because so many I know are not. I am thankful that I have hope and a vision for the future.

  6. I’m thanking God for the awesome circle of friends and supporters that I have gotten since starting the blogs and the deliverance ministry…. (u know!) It has definitely been great getting the support and love of my new extended family….

  7. Thank God for putting me in position to minister to a co-worker, who is now taking steps towards baptism this weekend.

    Praise God.

  8. DaRonn

    January 6th here in Bolivia is “kings day”. It is the day that the we celebrate the Magi coming and giving Jesus gifts. I think it is great timing the post because what greater way to say thank you then give a gift.

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