and we’re taking over!

this is tam from inProgress. i just received a text from Princess saying her internet is down, they’re having an ice storm. AND she’s driving her bus. so please be praying.

anyways…she asked if i’d post something for her, anyhing at all. hehe 😆 well, of course!!!

and i’m gonna be nice.

darla is one of those friends, one of my dearest friends, who is simply real. no facade. no guck to weed through to figure her out. she’s a woman with a fierce passion to live life fully and to live it for God first! and…she’ll make sure you know it in the process.

what’s not to love about darla?

so i wanted to take this opportunity to allow you to fill the comment section below with words of affirmation for her. funny thing is – she’s not a needy person, so it’s not like she needs us to affirm her…but i bet you could list a ton of reasons why you love this woman.

so…has she encouraged you? challenged you? spoken a good word to you? why do you love darla? what do you appreciate most about her?

let her know!



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31 responses to “and we’re taking over!

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  2. TheNorEaster

    Well, of course she has encouraged me! She has stuck with me through a few a storms. And she is one of the few believers I know who “get it.”

    Which is just so totally cool.

    But, yanno…Ice storms? No power? That ain’t so cool.

    They’re frigid. Icy. Slippery. And not great to be driving on!

    So. I’ll do what I always do…

  3. Darla,
    Gracie and I were in the ice storm in SW MO in January ’07. Nine days and 20 hours without power. Cold. Waaayy cold!! But, the Lord sustained us through it all. Even though the generator wouldn’t work. Stayed warm despite the intense cold.
    Now, today, I am watching the weather map and you are getting the ice to the south of us here in PA. We are both in central PA–I’m in the north part and you are in the southern.
    You are in the ice and I am not.
    Hallelujah! 🙂 🙂

    Hope you realize that I am just a jokester. Can’t help myself sometimes.
    Just wanted you to smile.
    Dale and Gracie prayed for you as soon as we heard.
    The Lord bless and keep you.
    You are responsible for many of His little ones, and you are one of His little ones that He cares for.

  4. For a woman I’ve never met it humbles me greatly that she has chosen to support the christ she sees in me! God obviously trusts her as she’s even woken in the night to pray for me at some very dark times! I look forward to giving her a big hug when we meet in heaven if not before!
    love you Darla!

  5. tam

    rehanna – i am covered in goosebumps after reading your comment!

  6. She is my sister, and I love call her that. She is a constant encourager, even for the smallest of colds, you know she will be there to make sure you are ok, pray, and pick up your spirits.

    Ice no fun in a bus… Stay safe…

    Peace and love sis

  7. It was August 31, 2008 – about 11AM, on a Sunday morning. I reached over and took Darla’s hand and for the next hour we worshiped together – Darla on my left side and mama on my right side. I Love Darla – she is a special lady and papa is praying for her right now. This is one special family.

  8. tam

    darla is priceless! and SO loved!

  9. HW

    She is an amazing encourager and just a lovely person (inside and out!)!

  10. Darla has been my prayer partner for many months now. I’ve shared much of my life with her and can’t wait to see her in 3D some day…soon!!! Her encouraging words have lifted me out of a pit of despair on many occasions. I really don’t know how she keeps up with so many people and all of us feel her warmth. She pours out herself for others.

    I’m so glad she’s chosen to love on me.

    Praying for warmth and protection, Princess!!

  11. Darla is a fabulously kind soul. She makes me smile. I like that. More than that she lives a true and authentic life.

  12. Darla’s is one of my first stops on my blog rounds because it is always so full of love.

    She is one of the most authentic persons I know. That degree of honesty is hard to find.

    I can just feel her reaching out to me, through her blogs and tweets, with a hug.

    I will be anxiously waiting to hear that Darla and her family are safe.

  13. Hmmmm… What can I say about Darla?
    What good can I not say about Darla? 🙂
    She’s so amazing Powerful Anointed Woman of God who is loving and kind and sweet and lovely and calls everyone Princess cuz she’s a Queen 🙂

    I’m so glad God had us cross blogging paths 🙂

  14. tam

    i feel so privileged that darla shares a part of herself with me. that i get to call her friend. she has never been anything but real and honest with me.

    ed said it…authentic. yes! authenticity at its finest! you are a true gift and blessing to me, and many others.

    you unselfishly embrace us all. you shoulder our worries with us, bathing them in prayer. then praise Him along with us in our victories.

    you are one of a kind, darla.

    and i love you so, so much!

  15. I feel like I know Darla so much better now! Very cool thing to do, Tam!

  16. You all need to back off! LOL This poor lady’s princess crown won’t fit her head anymore! I admit, she’s pretty special -however, if she needs a spanking or two, papa could still do it. I LOVE THIS GIRL!

  17. heidi


    She is one of the first people to ever call me a princess. She made me and STILL makes me feel that I can ACCOMPLISH the world with a hesistation.

    Yeah very real… I wish I could hug her real tonight.

    Love that Girl!!!!

  18. Darla has a heart FULL of love for the Lord, and that just bubbles up and over and spills out on everyone she meets. I love how she ministers to her bus kids, and somehow has time to stop over and love on me. She is such a bright light in so many ways – I can see her shine all the way from MN. Love you, Darls!

  19. DaRonn

    Yes Darla is an encouragement to me as well. I think it is cool the way she goes out of her way to encourage people. That is valuable.

  20. Thank you for your prayers, as I drove yesterday afternoon into the early evening…the sky was heavy but very little fell until I parked the bus..just felt the hand of GOD protecting us. Our ice over night is minimal by PA standards so mostly bridges are the hazard this morning.. The trees are absolutely beautiful and look like a glass managerie! awesome, not as excited about the glass looking bubble that is surrounding my car! We are being sent out this morning with the buses, so I am sure my bus looks like a frozen twinkie! Thank you for your prayers internet and you all were missed very much!

    TAM- I did wonder what kind of powerful prayer you were praying..and I am overwhelmed with how sweet and awesome you are to do this for me! What a very special gift from God you are! (tears) Feels like God just gave me the hugest hug, and encouraged me in more ways than you all will ever know! love you!

    Papa- I do not need a spanking!! I am good I keep tellin ya! love you

    Heidi! Girl you are so a princess, and dont you ever forget it!

    Love you all must go de-ice my car..witchypoo is the new school district head, and she does not believe in delays or cancelations…pray for her!

  21. So glad you are safe and back with us.
    Have blest day, blessed one.

  22. Papa will be praying for you too – however, will keep the spanking as a an option! LOL 😀 Love you Darla – I am a proud papa to have you as a daughter!

  23. Papa- now i am crying with you..never had a proud papa til you! thanks love ya!

  24. Darla? What can I say about her?

    From the time we met online, we connected. She’s been there for me through some storms, has become a great friend – I was thinking about her just the other day and just thanked God for her….

    She is a great prayer support…. and her advice has helped me so much … I remember when I was being spiritually attacked and she told me anoint my house…..

    Darla – you are a wonderful friend, a powerful intercessor and a worshipper of God – all pluses in my book. I am proud and honoured to be your friend – and awestruck that God brought us together online – even if we haven’t yet met in person. Let’s fix that, shall we???

  25. I don’t know Darla, but this post makes me really wish I did!

  26. @JudiFree – oh Judi – she has stayed at my house – we only know each other through blogging – but what a blessing – she is a very precious lady. She is like a daughter to me. I have been blessed to have held her and wept with her – she is kin.

  27. just call me crybaby today! you are still touching my heart, and i am so blessed to have you all!!

    to those of you that this is your first time here. thanks for stopping by..maybe i will see you here again..welcome

  28. I am late with this comment because I am a slacker. BUT….I wanted to share my feelings for this amazing woman!

    I feel so blessed to call her friend….even though we have never met. She so in tune with the Holy Spirit that she prayed for me on Thanksgiving…..not realizing that on Thanksgiving day I was a wreck as I waited to hear about my son who was being hospitalized 2000 miles away. She didn’t know the circumstance but was obedient to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and prayed anyway. She encourages me, challenges me, and loves me….as only a sister can. She calls me Princess when I feel like the ugly step sister. She checks on me when I am ‘quiet’ for too long. She finds the good in me when I feel like I am at my worst. She brings a smile to my face everytime I see that she has commented on my blog.

    I love you sweet Princess. You have shown me Christ in action……

    Thank you!

  29. OH…..
    And SO glad you are OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. tam

    hey precious princess! you are SO loved!

    glad youre home safe and internet working again 🙂

    its aint right not having you around. a big void. dont like it. one bit.

    and yes, im slightly whining.

  31. Tam- okay you can whine a little while..but you need to know that it will take more than an ice storm to keep me gone. 😆 missing you!

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