Worship with me..

I don’t know where you all are at spiritually this morning, but this is where I am at..so sharing a bit of my heart through video and CeCe Winans

We thirst for you..

Hallelujah is the highest praise…



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4 responses to “Worship with me..

  1. I LOVE CeCe’s voice!! She is so beautiful!

  2. me too! I love that the heart of what she sings spills from her in all honesty..very captivating..and mostly she speaks my heart better than I do! 😆

    hey selena, your email touched my heart big time! I will be writing back to you soon! love you!

  3. This morning Darla I was early for my SS class I teach – I heard the choir practicing in the sanctuary (Joy comes in the morning) i rushed to the sanctuary – sat there, the only one, and listened and wept – I was thirsty for “him” Darla – today I have been thirsty and He has quenched my thirst – it was a good day – tomorrow we need to thirst again – great post.

  4. CeCe is my girl! for real! I listen to her CD Thy Kingdom Come on the way to school everyday! 🙂 Thanks for sharing these wonderful worship songs 🙂

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