Check this out!


I met Solomon here and he is a twin..Caleb and Sol, their new CD (Afloat) is releasing NOW. These guys are really good, and so awesome with reaching out with the Gospel through music and video. This video is labeled “Barabbas”, never have I applied him to myself. But the message in this video is worth the seven minutes it takes. You won’t walk away from it feeling like you lost seven minutes, you will gain something of Grace, that is priceless! Thanks Sol for sharing with me.

You can order the Cd and listen to tracks over at  Check it out!

Here is a taste of the sound that these bros. it!



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7 responses to “Check this out!

  1. HW

    Awesome! Thank for sharing this!

  2. Thanks for sharing Darla – God’s Grace is amazing.

  3. Grace is amazing! I am really enjoying these brothers, I may need to buy more than one cd as i see my kids loving it too..I want my own! hahaha

  4. Wonderful take! I had never related Barabbas to myself either. Really a wonderful thought. Thanks, Darla!

  5. Thanks Annie! you know I never looked at like that, and it truly fits..wonder why we haven’t been taught this…it certainly makes a much clearer pic of Grace. YOU are loved Princess! oh yes you are!

  6. That was great! I’m gonna be sure my kids hear this. Grace not justice…praise Jesus!!

    Love your avatar…looking lover-ly! 🙂

  7. thank you..loverly likewise!

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