Saturday Funnies




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5 responses to “Saturday Funnies

  1. “I didn’t know” “you never said I couldn’t do that” 🙄

  2. “It feels like I’m being interogated” 😆

  3. I like your Saturday Funnies posts. 🙂

  4. I had a niece, Kattie Belle – who one day at school decided to set up a ‘hug day’ throughout the school – it was a big success. The next day she was killed sitting at a stop light on the back of a motorcycle – a teenage driver, changing a CD on her car stereo ran into the back of the motorcycle – over 1,500 students showed up to her funeral. Driving is serious business – ask Kattie’s mom or her dad – he was driving the motorcycle and lost a daughter.

  5. tam

    darn the snow.

    love you!

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