Merry Christmas! (sometimes seeing IS believing)

I always find myself reflecting over Christmas on where I have been and where I am now. God is amazing!! When I look back today…WOW I do not even know that person I used to be.  Its so much like watching a poor lifetime movie, except it was real!   I thought I would share a little visual of the old Darla’s favorite type of Christmas music, and her present favorite.  Tell me if you can see the difference. 

Old Darla:  Kinks – Father Christmas

New Darla : Hodges/TRF- Emanuel-God is with us

(Special Merry Christmas to the Hodges…and my link love for ya B seeing how over the holiday I may slack on my comment luv, I will send you extra! 😆 )



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13 responses to “Merry Christmas! (sometimes seeing IS believing)

  1. I went over and visited TRF as well- have a very Merry Christmas Darla.

    Love you all – 😀

    Mama & Papa

  2. Merry Christmas Papa and mama…love you both soooo much!!!!!!

  3. HW

    Have a wonderful, blessed, and VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS this year, my sweet friend! Maybe in the coming year we’ll get to meet face to face (c’mon, we live in the same state after all). 🙂


  4. Merry Christmas, Darla, my princess 🙂 Check my emails – I have a telephone number you can reach me at – it’s a US number, so you won’t be paying any international fees!

  5. Merry Christmas Sister.

    All the love and peace of Christ to you!!!!

  6. tam

    i love my Princess!!!

    wish we could all be celebrating together.

    merry Christmas sister!


    Love you!


    You guys rock. Wish I could extend real hugs to you today. But I am extending cyber hugs 🙂

  9. Darla, I rejoice with you! I say hallelujah that I share the very same testimony. The landscape of our journeys is changing–taking us further from Egypt and closer to Promise!

    May you and yours be blessed, amazed, thrilled and lavished with Divine hugs in this high holy season and in the sojourning days ahead!

    SO glad to have your friendship!

  10. Thanks all for your very sweet comments!
    Tam-sista I am loving you from here..can you feel it?
    Brent- I recieved your cyber hug yesterday, and wasn’t sure what it was, and thought…must be a cyber hug! 🙂

    Pasturescott- love you my friend!! I am so glad that we are getting closer to the promise, and equally glad that the roads back to egypt have been blown up, and there is no very sweet to get a Merry Christmas from you!! very special!

  11. tam

    aaaaaa – so that wasnt gas earlier???

    yes, then, i felt it


  12. Tam- those cyber hugs are a little funky til you learn to discern them.. 😆

  13. tam

    hahaha! Now THAT made me laugh!

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