This is what I have been doing….

Along with wrapping presents, visiting a live nativity, I was making cookies for nine and a half hours on Saturday! Crazy huh??  I friend from work came and helped, and she was an awesome help..mixing and here is a sample of what we did…(over 1000 cookies!)


the plain ones ended up with icing on them, and YES we are taking a break and eating chicken..yummy  we were burned out on sugar!

In the next room, this was enjoying the dogs life…


This is Haley Sue, one of our pets. As a snow dog..she wants in when its cold, she is not the lead dog, and although Hubs would give her to you, she is pretty, and a good family dog…sooo I guess we will keep her. The shoes in the pic are the boys…and wondering why they are there?


“Don’t look at me, I have no idea how my shoes got there”.



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41 responses to “This is what I have been doing….

  1. mmmmmmm cookies. It still smells like cookies in here 😀

    Yes, you too can own a Husky, let me help you…. Haley, your village called, their idiot is missing 😆

    Derek, pick up your shoes, hey wait a minute…. Didn’t they used to be MY shoes……just sayin 🙄

  2. WOW that’s a lot of cookies!!! Can I have one … or a dozen? 😉

  3. Faith- I would love to send you fresh cookies!! Hows those twins doing…Mama!?

  4. WOW. 😯

    You must be tired!!! I’m tired just looking at all those cookies.


  5. TheNorEaster

    I’m getting hungry looking at those cookies!!! I haven’t been too excited about Christmas this year…


    And I’m going to invent a something-or-other that will allow me to reach through my computer screen and STEAL ALL YOUR COOKIES!!!

    [Insert Maniacal Laughter Here]

  6. Submitted on 2008/12/21 at 9:22pm

    I’m convinced that our sister Darla is one of those earth angels, sent here to encourage, inspire, and motivate all to use God’s gifts and not to let them sit on the shelf. Darla, I don’t know HOW I came to be so blessed to have you in my blog life, writing with you has been absolutely a joy!

  7. I think I could scarf down at least a half dozen right this moment. Yum! Good thing you don’t live next door.
    Such style, young lady! Even your baking is as elegant as your words!

  8. Have you found my address yet? 😉

    Peace and love sis.

  9. your at work and i am at

  10. blog jacking!!! whaaaaaa haaaa ha haaaaa!

  11. and the princess strikes again!

  12. an i get a what what! hahahaa

  13. COOKIESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! 😆

  14. Carl, I can’t find your address 😦 maybe you can just come here, and drink coffee and eat cookies!? mmmm bring the whole family..plenty of cookies!

    Lil Miss Trina love….glad your having a good day at school…DO NOT get in trouble…but thanks for the blog jacking!!! 😆

  15. Mama and I love cookies – if she bakes several dozen it is a huge task! Oh my – a 1,000 !! That is amazing – just awesome! I would have stayed out of your kitchen for sure!! Keep the dog, but we will take Derek – mama says she will play Farkel for him – winner gets Derek!

  16. Baking is always better with someone else around to help mix and bake and nibble. 🙂

  17. oooooooo I want I want I want!!!!!! 😆

    I’m not really a cookie lover, but I’ll make an exception in this case coz I’m a Darla lover 😀

  18. As long as Haley Sue stays away from those cookies she is a good dog, and, in staying inside a warm house, a smart dog.

    Nine hours of cooking make is a ton of work. Is that enough to get your family through Christmas?

  19. Have a wonderful Christmas Darla…

    Peace and love sister.

  20. Carl, you are one cute little elf! all of you! 😆

  21. Oohhh cookies… I’ll have to get those recipes from you… I love baking 🙂

  22. a 1000 cookies??? WOW! How many did Trina, Derek and the dog leave you? 😉

    Merry Christmas Darla 🙂


  23. You make me feel like such a slacker!!!! 😉

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

    Love you!

  24. WOWzers! That’s a lot of cookies! I’m sure they all got consumed, too. 🙂 Love ya!

  25. I split them with my friend who helped..and my daughter and hubs took a giant bag to the mountains (they went with 5 other couples, and text me to let me know that they loved them for breakfast! LOL) so we still have some but not many. funny thats all I have from my past that is Christmas to me..the rest is all new, and loving it!

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