Christmas Randomness

I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. ( i suddenly hear Chrissy Hine singing ..”don’t get me wrong”-wierd) The commericialism is pretty bad, and I can deal with that too. (just stay home) But the one thing that has been totally making me nuts about the holiday is…Radio stations playing non stop Christmas music, and I am not sure why they only each have about 10, so it is so repetitious I want to scream! So I need more cds in my car. My nieghbors house looks like the Griswalds mixed up with Wally World, and I am sure there are gnomes running around over there at night who are threatening to me. I know that is not nice, but I just wanted to share, and sharing is nice! 🙄
I little girl on my bus today said, don’t ever hide anything in your underwear drawer, you know everyone looks there first! Argh! You know I need to move some much for a private safe spot! and yes a 5 year old informed me. She also wears a “warna brutha” tshirt on occasion. My latest thought pattern is stuck on warm weather and how many bloggers can I hook up with this summer not counting Oregon, because that just goes without saying! ya know? My son found my stash of Oreo’s and cleaned me out! no kidding…two left in the bag…maybe it was me, naaaa I think it was him. My man is wanting to drive trucks all over the US, and me I just want a plane ticket that is reusable anywhere anytime kind of thing. Okay I am done for now..I dont remember if I brought the dog in or left her out side..hey she is snow dog..cold weather should be her friend!..
Anything working on you today? please share…



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12 responses to “Christmas Randomness

  1. Hey, I could use one of those reusable airplane tickets! What a great idea!

    This was a fun post. Thanks for the peak into your brain.

    :hug: to you. 🙂

  2. @ng- 😆 a peak into my brain might even scare me! 😯 some times a little randomness gives me perspective all over again. I really need to spend some time catching up on your blog. Are you still playing a game on Thursdays?? I want to play!

  3. 81 degrees here – not bad for December. Sounds like you should come south for a spell – it was a good day – I have been praying for a young lady who was crying in her car in the next lane – sad! PaPa wanted to hug her so bad! I did eat too much food today — 😯

  4. Ummm… That made no since… Oh wait that is the point.. 😉 Love ya sis.

  5. The radio thing BUGS ME TOO!!! And I also don’t know why. Although lately I am appreciating Christmas songs glorifying God being played in public. 🙂 That makes my heart worship right out in the open. 🙂 But I still do like other kinds of songs. Even at Christmas.

  6. I’m right there with you Darla. It’s the whole Christmas smaltz that makes me wonder what people are thinking. Then I look inside my own church building and there it is again – decorations and more decorations, none of which exalts the Savior.
    By the way, my favorite radio station is playing the same 10 songs here too – over and over and over.

  7. I always assumed that Christmas was a sacred holiday that had been overrun by commoicalism over time. Turns out it was always a pretty much commoicalized/secular time of year event that was co-opted by Christians somewhere along the way.

    Coca Cola created Santa Claus; Montgomery Ward (remember that store?) is responsible for Rudolph; Gene Autry first sang “Frosty”; Dickens gave us Scrooge; and Dr. Seuss gave us the Grinch.

    A radio station in the Boston area started the Christmas music way back on November 1st (seriously).

    I always watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve after everyone has gone to bed (and Santa has completed his visit). I cry alone at the end and hope that at the end of my life I’ll have made as much of an impact as George Bailey. I also watch several versions of “A Christmas Carol” (my favorite is the musical version, “Scrooge”) and will end up watching “A Christmas Story” by virtue of finding it while flipping channels – I can’t honestly say I’ve ever watched that whole movie from beginning to end…

    hmmm…I think I’ll go peek in my wife’s underwear drawer just for fun when I get home tomorrow night.

  8. Darla, not being able to find a good radio station is way I got an iPod. I can create as many different playlist as I want.

    As far as outdoor Christmas decorations go I finally broke down and bought a big wreath for my patio deck. My neighbors keep complain to me about being the only one who didn’t decorate.

    I don’t have to worry about hiding places since I live alone. With the number of brain cells I have lost I can never find anything anyway.

  9. So I don’t know… I’ve never been in the “Christmas spirit” as far as jumping on the band wagon of commercialism and I’d even turn into a grouch around Christmas because I’d be mad about the commercialism (cuz the REAL meaning was lost and used it as an excuse for my bad mood) probably deterring anyone from wanting to see my point anyway… but now that I have the true joy of the Lord I’m excited about celebrating his birth… Now, I still can’t listen to Christmas music too too much but it doesn’t drive me bonkers to moans and groans as it used to 🙂

  10. DaRonn

    Man I would love to hear Christmas music more frequently. Bolivia does not play as much.

  11. tam

    whenever i read your randomness, i read it super fast. i can just hear you saying all of it.

    and i cant stay long on blogs that have snow coming down. 😦 it makes my computers fan go nutso.

  12. Brilliant!!

    Your 5 year old Guru – is she a Bugs Bunny fan – or just offering more sage wisdom for the darker skinned bretheren? ( Warn – a Brutha!) 🙂


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