Taking every thought Captive

How do you battle the attacks of the mind? Do you use special verses? Do you have a partner that you can call and pray with?  I would love to hear some of the methods that you use. I will later update this post and share some of the things I use…maybe through our answers we will be able to help each other battle the attack of the mind…



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55 responses to “Taking every thought Captive

  1. What mind ?? LOL Seriously, it recently clicked with me that the Holy Spirit is really filling me, so we talk, sometimes out loud, about what is in my mind, particularly the stuff that shouldn’t be there. I don’t want the Holy Spirit uncomfortable with what is there.

    I do do accountability every week with my bbf.accountability partner BUT that doesn’t help with the day to day thing… oh Oh… I do have one… LOL my daily confessions from my church… we’re encouraged to speak the truth to train our hearts and minds to believe the truth… our confessions are based off of the word of God so pretty much constantly speaking the Word of God so like if a thought come into your mind immediately combating it with scripture… but of course you’d have to know scripture to be able to do that… It didn’t readily come to my mind because its not something I do… but it works… because I’ve experienced it work… I just need to get into the habit

  3. I’m trying to come up with something to say, but I guess I’m struggling too much with this myself.

    I usually “frisk” the thought, using Phil 4:8 and if the thought doesn’t pass the test, I ask for help to get it out of my mind. I can become obsessive about things, so I do struggle with this.

    Praise music usually helps.

    I also remind myself whose I am and what He says about me. I tend to beat myself up, so it doesn’t help to have people in my life who say ugly things. I try to avoid those situations now.

    That’s all I’ve got. Love you.

  4. PeregrinJoe

    Scripture, Scripture and more Scripture. For instance, when I am temoted to look lustfully at a woman, I recall Paul’s words to Timothy to look at older women as mothers and younger women as sisters with all purity. When I am struggling with anger in my heart I remember Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount that he who is angry with his brother is liable to judgment.

    Sometimes if it is especially bad, I just pull out the Bible and pour over the Word, reading and reading and letting it wash my mind.

    Like Paul said in Romans, we are transformed by the renewing of our mind.

  5. I talk to God. Yell is more like it. In my head of course. Sort of like how a little kid yells for their mommy or daddy when they’re hurt.

  6. Dan


    Guilty here also. So how does that relate to ‘taking evry thought captive’, either positively or negatively? One might think that the more our thoughts are captive to Christ, the less our ‘yelling’ will be.

  7. This is how I do it: I take the thought like a prisoner of war and interrogate it. I take 2 Corinthians 10:5 quite literally. if the thought does not line up, to keep myself pure I have to treat it as demonic (if it’s impure that’s usually where the thoughts orginate from anyway) and so I treat it as such. I use my authority in Christ and command the thought to leave – out loud! And it goes immediately…..

    I find that if I try to resist the thoughts internally or even try to rebuke the devil in my mind it doesn’t work. I have to speak to the devils to see results, so as I speak to the evil thoughts, they disappear.

  8. Bajan- that is it..works for me too! How about the person who is new to Christ, and the Word? my thinking is..Even if you call on JESUS , just HIS name has the power to deliver a believer…I have also done that one too 😉

  9. Good suggestions. I need help with this too. Praying in tongues I think too … it’s very hard to keep your mind on wrong thoughts when you’ve got the Holy Spirit coming out your mouth. 🙂 (And I know that’s bad grammar, but … it fit.)

  10. Hello Sister!

    First……thank you for being obedient to His Spirit and praying for my family and I on Thanksgiving day! As you heard…..it was much needed. I am in awe that God would burden you for me and that you would respond in a way that was so needed. I love you!

    Taking every thought captive. One of my favorite verses…..if I could just figure out HOW to do that! 😉

    I truly believe that verse speaks about being able to identify the lies Satan is screaming in our ears. Stopping a negative thought, or a lie, and countering it with the Truth that comes from the Word of God.

    Easy enough, right? 😉

    Love you Prin!

  11. I just assume that the enemy will be trying to trap me. So I’ve gotten in the habit of bowing my knee to the Father first thing every morning and praising Him verbally.
    But when the attack is strongest, I just sing (croak) a praise song that I know. I can do this almost anywhere and at almost any time. He does respond!
    Great questions!

  12. yeah Darla… there was one time I was very heavily tempted to watch porn on tv… and I was desperate! Didn’t have TIME to craft good nice polite prayers… All I did was whisper vehemently “JESUS! HELP ME!!!!!” and the oppression SHATTERED like glass! I was INSTANTLY FREE…..

  13. Annie – Praying in tongues does help! Stirring the Holy Spirit in you will weaken the enemy’s grip… 😆 on the grammar 😉

  14. quoting scripture always helps me. I battle with fear and anxiety so one of ny favorite verses to quotes is
    2 Timothy 1:7 (New King James Version)
    7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

    It is a great reminder of what God has given me and anything other than that is not coming from Him!

  15. Dan

    I thought I mentioned this earlier, but it got lost maybe. Having read some of the comments now, maybe I need to submit it again.

    Psalm 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

    John Gill has this to say about this verse:

    “Psa 119:11 – Thy word have I hid in mine heart,…. Not only heard and read it, but received it into his affections; mixed it with faith, laid it up in his mind and memory for future use; preserved it in his heart as a choice treasure, where it might dwell richly, and be of service to him on many occasions; and particularly be of the following use:

    that I might not sin against thee; the word of God is a most powerful antidote against sin, when it has a place in the heart; not only the precepts of it forbid sin, but the promises of it influence and engage to purity of heart and life, and to the perfecting of holiness in the fear of the Lord; and all the doctrines of grace in it effectually teach the saints to deny all sin and worldly lusts, and to live a holy life and conversation; see 2Co_7:1.”

    God’s word “hidden” in our hearts is the surest method I have ever known to combat any sort of sin, including thought life. It trumps all other methods I have tried.

  16. tam

    i think im gonna send you my father in laws book.

    he wrote a book based on his thesis of renewing the mind – romans 12:2

    fabulous book, girl!

  17. Gal 5:16 So I say live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desire of the sinful nature.

    Then mind is sinful if left unchecked… That is the verse I use.

    Peace and love sister,

  18. Hi Darla, thanks for doing posts on this topic, the comments here are really helpful, and I look forward to your post about it too – it’s a really, really tough one to always honour God with our thoughts.
    I like what Michelle was saying about “frisking” thoughts using Phil 4:8 – that’s great! 🙂

  19. Dan

    I am seeing Psalm 119:11 again. How do I know how to live by the Spirit (Gal 5:16) and by what standard to judge the ‘whatsoevers’ of Phil 4:8? By hiding His word in my heart.

  20. Dan, that is it..renewing the mind starts with hiding HIS word in our hearts. (don’t know where your other comment went..it wasn’t in spam or moderation)

  21. I was trying to think of the ‘whatsoevers’ verse (Dan – don’t ever get old!) and saw Dan’s comment – Phil 4:8. It is really the crux of the Christian walk. We have to keep it in our hearts.

  22. Papa- I use that verse to guide me everyday..sometimes several times a day..LOL God gets me, even when I don’t! 🙂

  23. Let us not forget that the first part of that verse is necessary before we can bring thoughts into captivity.
    It is usually after allowing the mind to wander into areas without conscious restraint that the thoughts and imaginations take over. So, Phil. 4:8, with its demand to “bring the mind to bear/focus on” is a necessary exercise. Then we will become aware of the things in our mind that is going against “THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.” Then, and only then, will our thoughts be brought captive “TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST.”
    NOTE: all caps were for quote purposes only–not shouting.

  24. Dale- that is near exact what I was writing out as an update for this post..you said it all very well. thanks!

  25. While you may be technically correct, Jason, in your assessment of my bad Greek, there is the possibility that my treatment is also correct. I understand that there is no subjunctive, nor conditional sense here.
    The primary particle ‘kai’ is most often used in a copulative sense, but can at times be used in a cumulative sense. So, each of these things do indeed have the possibility of their standing alone as a part of what it means to wage war. However, instead of picking on the minor nuance of my statement, the thought remains: it must all be taken together (as you implied) or we will fall short in our warfare. Therefore, if the words of the verse are taken as a part of the Word of God, and as having significance in their presentation, then we cannot take thoughts captive if we have not cast down imaginations.

  26. Sorry Dale..Jason is not welcome on my blog..you two can email or meet over on your blog, sorry for any inconvience

  27. I do not have authority to speak for Darla; neither do I know her mind as well as you claim to.
    But, I would think that she is trying to stay in line with 2 Timothy 2:14 where we are told to not strive about words, which only subvert the hearers.

  28. Jason

    You really are a hypocrite, Darla.

  29. tam

    dang. came over to say hey. and THIS is happening? again? still?


  30. this guy should be blocked hoever he is. bad spirit.
    Sorry, Tam.
    darla was in the midst of trying to stop it when you showed up.
    Go ahead and give us a friendly visit.

  31. Sorry Tam I missed that one! 😎

  32. Sorry, Darla and all who visit here.
    It was wrong of me to begin a debate on your blog.
    I apologize.
    I did not realize what I was getting into.
    Won’t happen again.

  33. Dale you are my brother and I love you, please don’t feel bad about anything. 🙂

  34. Jason, if that is your real name. STOP harrassing my wife. Come on, be a real man and stop picking on the girls.

  35. tam

    so anyway…this donkey walks into a bar….


    just wanted to say Hi!

    Dale – no apology necessary. truly.

  36. I love the donkey story…but I think it went something like this donkey wrote on a blog… mmmm not sure now how it goes..its gone..

  37. tam

    so back to this post. when it comes to the mind…you cant just take things captive once. our minds are subjected to so much wordly stimulation that we need to constantly be mindful of poisons. and those arent just found in the “world” – they are found in our churches, in our circles and in our own hearts. it seems so overwhelming and a daunting task to be able to capture and destroy all negative or evil thoughts. we are so weak here. but in our weakness He IS strong. i can not do one good thing without Him. if i do…its about me – and thats not good. so i HAVE to (and often dont) keep Him at the forefront of my thoughts at. all. times.

    you know brent and i have been making it a part of our OUTreach to go into our community and meet people. so fighting off the “world” has been quite a subject in my mind lately as i am faced with it even more now. it is good for me to picture Jesus standing in front of whatever i am faced with. i know, i know He is always there anyway – but there is something about a mental image that helps me even more. i have felt the shame of Him having to look away from me when i have chosen to go against His will. it is the worst felling/emotion i will ever experience.

    and now im blabbing.

    and if you or anyone else see flaws in my approach – please address it respectfully. with maturity and love for the fellow believer. lets remember the log in our own eyes as well.

  38. Tam- Amen! get your preach on girl…

    It is a thing that we will have to battle with til we see HIM face to face..and what an awesome day that will be..thank you for being so encouraging, and for helping me to stay focused when it seems like I will never get it! you are a wonderful gift from God.

  39. lets remember the log in our own eyes as well.

    Or the Redwood………

    😉 <———— my eye after the redwood poked it…….

  40. Praise- I would send you to your room, but you did make me smile…so can I come with you? I need to be sent to my room too 😉

  41. Why Redwood?
    Are you driving through that beautiful part of the country now? Or, were you just referring to their massiveness?
    They are massively beautiful trees, but you wouldn’t have an eye left if one of them poked you 🙂
    I climbed Luna to visit my daughter when she was living there, and they are, indeed, a beautiful part of God’s magnificent creation.
    (rambling and babbling again)

  42. tam

    P365 – oh yeah. you know how big those redwoods can get!

    i think you all need to come back and get more pics of those. dontcha think???

    darla – the minute i think i have “arrived” and find it necessary or acceptable to tell others they have not…im in BIG trouble. ive got my own cup to wash out. life and lessons are sometimes better caught than taught, or enforced… all that to say – all i know how to do as your friend – is stand beside you. i can encourage, hold your hand and bring things to your attention (if need be) with grace and love…with the same grace and love He pours by the bucket loads over me every single second.

    God is so good to be patient and gracious with everyone. everyone!

  43. tam

    darla – 😯

    dale – when they were here in June they say our massive redwoods on the oregon coast. truly breath taking!

  44. @ Dale – yes the redwoods are amazing, we got to see them for real this past summer.

    Definately a reference to their massiveness and the recent barrage of missing comments.

  45. Tam- i am happy to admit that I haven’t arrived yet…God is so patient with me, and the mind is a battlefield that everytime I think “we good” , something new seems to creep in…so my thinking is stay in the word, walk close to Jesus, and by all means…SWIM in the GRACE..

  46. in reference to today’s episode, check out
    “Annoyance” at
    Might be good for a laugh.

  47. TheNorEaster

    So. He was doing it again.

    Glad I missed it.

    But I think Praise365 brought up a very good point: He DOES pick on girls.

    And I can hardly wait for The Lord of the Harvest to settle all his nonsense once and for all.

    Glad to see the good and the humor and the grace won out here.

    As always. 😉

  48. “I would think that she is trying to stay in line with 2 Timothy 2:14 where we are told to not strive about words…”

    Well said Dale – right to the heart of the issue.

    “…stop picking on the girls…”

    Right on Praise!!

    “so anyway…this donkey walks into a bar….”

    And that about sums it up – nice one Tam.

    Darla, just wanted to express solidarity. You’re a treasure to us, sis, and I can’t understand how anyone could not see that!!

  49. I thank the Lord for my awesome brothers and sisters in Christ, you all have been very encouraging. Bottom line for me is God knows the heart, and striving to keep my eyes on HIM, I am so not perfect, but I do love my Jesus, and I know HE walks through the storms with me. Love Youse (did I spell that right Nor?)

  50. HI ! Redwoods make really big logs!! 😯 Try one in each eye 😯 😯

  51. I’m so glad I missed this wrangling (2Tim.2:14). Long nap yesterday afternoon.

    As for hiding His Word in our hearts that we might not sin against Him:

    But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure.

    It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others.

    It is full of mercy and good deeds.

    It shows no partiality and is always sincere.

    And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of goodness.

    ~James 3:16-17

    Love you, Darla!! 😉

  52. Thank you Michelle! that is absolutely exactly what I was needing to hear tonight, and I just never go wrong with scripture. you are a gift from God to me..thanks!

  53. Darla, I have felt the goodness from the seeds of peace you’ve planted.

    Thank you for being faithful to His ways!

    You’re a blessing to me.

    ♥ U!

  54. TheNorEaster

    Darla: Yep. You sure spelled “youse” right! 😉

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