Does Music Ever Guide Your Mind?

I have noticed this before in me, and I guess I have a weak mind.  At times, it is not good for me to indulge in the music that I love as I seem to end up somewhere dark, and full of thoughts, that we will just say are better for me to not think.  They are not the thoughts that lead me to what is pure and lovely, excellent or praiseworthy. (Phil 4:8).  I am on the short leash, and so often I wish I weren’t, but I am bending the knee to my Creator and King, as HE always knows what is best for me.

Today, I thought briefly how much I love a screaming guitar!  I just love it!! So I went to You Tube and was browsing through some old blues that really gets me going.  And all of a sudden, my mind was somewhere I didn’t want to be.  I love music of all kinds, and for that moment, it was trying to control my thinking.  Needless to say, I had to shut it off.  Frustrated…its just music, but the struggle for my mind to remain in Christ, has been an uphill fight.  I don’t understand spiritual warfare of the mind, but I know its there.

Lord, guard my mind, make me quick to follow after you, and quick to run from things that would take me from you.  My prayer today is to be found in You.



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14 responses to “Does Music Ever Guide Your Mind?

  1. I know exactly what you mean. My mind can go places with an easy listening 70’s group, Bread. No one would ever think they could send a person down a wrong path, but yes, for me too many memories get stirred.

    Warfare is personal. The enemy knows what fiery darts to shoot into our minds. To keep the helmet of salvation firmly in place can be hard. But I do remember He says nothing is too hard for Him.

    Love you, Darla!! You nailed me with this post. Humbling, but true.

  2. So yeah spiritual warfare and music one in the same! So ok I don’t claim to know everything about this cuz I definitely don’t.. but I do know that music is one of the biggest tools the enemy uses to get to people. Why? Because he used to be the prince of praise and worship in Heaven… He was the Head Worship Leader with all musical abilities and the most beautiful voice one has ever heard… thats why he got so puffed up and wanted his praise to himself…
    So pretty much any music that is not glorifying God and singing praises to God is game for him to send his subliminal messages of whatever he wants you to hear…
    Thats all I have

  3. Oh Michelle, I did not intend to nail no no not ever! love ya!

    Ashley- you are going to be my new BFF if you going to get your preach on! LOVE IT! Bring it girl!! That was exactly what I was looking for to make the link. I just know the Spirit is loud in me today “Pay Attention, Beware”…love me some Ashley!

  4. HAHAHA Mighty Warrior Princess I’m honored yet so unworthy LOL 🙂

    Enjoying reading your blog and sharing what I know…

    I LOVE music so its like my “specialty” per say LOL and I know what music does to me. I rarely listen to music that isn’t christian but when I do I feel it… but its not that we can’t listen to other music… just as long as we’re aware of the message its sending… because like there is plenty of good music with positive life messages.

    One thing that really helped open my eyes was when we did a bible study off of Mary J. Blige’s song Real Love and compared it to 1 Corinthians 13. It made us really look @ what she was singing and how we can try to “groove” to the wrong thing… and then it’ll get into our spirit and we find ourselves doing something we wouldn’t normally do and not understanding why.

  5. Ashley, I love music..but I have been seeing it…and the good LORD knows I can get into enough of a pit without pushing it…but I am glad to be aware…oh and BTW- GIdeon laughed just like you when God told him that he was a mighty warrior…just saying.. (someone told me that once, and then I laughed)

  6. “and the good LORD knows I can get into enough of a pit without pushing it”


    and… hmm I’ll go look that up now 🙂 I knew Gideon was a mighty warrior but I don’t recall the whole story.

  7. Exactly!

    and… hmm I’ll go look that up now 🙂 I knew Gideon was a mighty warrior but I don’t recall the whole story.

  8. oops LOL… I dunno what happened LOL

  9. Ashley- girl you are sooo sweet!

  10. I can totally relate! Today I was feeling blah so I played a CD that was scripture quoted with soft piano in the background. I have had so much junk going through my mind that I just needed a cleansing of sorts!

  11. Dan

    Only if I let it. There is a lot of music (lyrics and instrumentation/style) that no longer appeals to me.

  12. Darls – I know exactly what you mean. I had the exact same kind of attack, but for me it’s in a different area. Thanks for what you said, Michelle, about the helmet of salvation. I have been wondering – everyone has weak areas that they are very prone to falling in … is this a more-or-less permanent state of being? Or can this weakness be made strong? That’s the question I’m wondering.

  13. Annie- I think we learn to reognise it, and become quicker to speak some truth over that area..but we will always have some sort of battles…we just get stronger in the LORD!

  14. tam

    there are definitely certain songs/artists i choose not to listen to. you know us…we are a very musical family. theres always music playing. but there are some where the lyrics just are not quality. and because i love a good melody – i can easily sing such lyrics over and over in my head – and before i know it im saying things that are not very pleasing. i have a hard enough time keeping from doing that without having the help of certain songs.

    its the same reason why i cant visit certain blogs.

    in life, a good rule is…garbage in. garbage out.

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