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Beauty in the “giving”

God has given me a heart for outreach. As I study through the gospels, I see HIM stopping to help people who have not always made a confession of faith, but believe after HIS compassion has touched them.  I get hung up on corporate church sometimes because they seem to focus on whether or not someone has made that confession before helping them.  Not me!  I want them to see something different in me that goes against the world’s thinking, and pray that they will see Jesus in me.

Last night I met a family, for the first time, that God placed right in my hand. Amazing!  I talked to the mother briefly on the phone, and she was so open to me, and wanted whatever help I could and would give her.  Praise365 and I shopped for them for thanksgiving dinner and some extras to help stock her for a couple days…she lives in a motel efficiency, a small walk in kitchen, a tv and a bed(full size double, no king or queen), two children…one ten, one thirteen. They all live there. She works.  The tears just rolled down her cheeks when we gave her the stuff, and when I gave her my number to call me if she needs anything. She has no car, and is dependant on the public bus. 

God totally opened this door, and I felt like she were my sister, and I just hugged this stranger, and prayed for her.  I have a list of things that her children would like for Christmas, and honestly its a modest list.  I am going to reach her soon again, and walk this life with her…at least til God helps her stand in HIM, and gives her wings to fly.  The blessing in giving is the most precious sense of God I have ever felt, and I encourage you to find a family to help.  If you need help getting started let me know, I will help you find them. 

Thank you Lord for placing 19 families this year into hands of families who love you. Please let them see YOU in us. Please hush a mothers heart that just don’t know which way to turn, and help her to look up to you, please lift her head.  Comfort her children that they are not forgotten. I know you have a plan.  Remembering this thanksgiving how much YOU have given us, and so much we are yet to find out.  I applaud you in reminding me that YOU are still on the move, and still stooping down picking up the lost, still hearing hungry children crying, and still feeding them. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Oh LORD there is none like you, loving you with a heart that you gave to me, thank you for lifting me up and lifting my head, and allowing me to help someone else, but most of all to go along with YOU, and watch my Daddy work.  Priceless.. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Don’t forget tomorrow is my Guest writer…I have already read it, and it brought me to my knees, thanking God for all that HE has done in my heart and in my life….will be up in the morning…stop by and leave some love…and some holiday cheer!


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Thankful for..

Here is my short version of my thankful list;

I am thankful for…

– Jesus loving me enough to come here and die for me and raise again.

– the way HE stooped down in the gutter to pick me up and clean me off.

-the way HE walks with me through each day.

-prayer, that HE always hears me, and always answers even if I don’t like the answer.

-my children, although we have had some rough times, I cherish them.

-my husband, who has shown me that there is nothing we can’t get through together, never walking away, just work a little harder, and marriage is terminal (LOL).

-my blog family, how precious they are to me. There are no words for what an awesome gift they are to me.

-the sunrises that are different every morning, and always start me off with delight, and focus on who is responsible for the colors I can not describe.

-the WORD that keeps me going when I just don’t know how to do life, it never steers me wrong.

-the fact that I have a place to live, clothes, and food.

-laughter, and tears, feeling alive, a free spirit, no more chains.

-my son in love who loves my daughter, and cares for her.

-my mom, who could have left me somewhere but didn’t.

-blogged bible study group, who has given me great encouragement, Carl, Nor, Annie, Joe, Michelle, Dale, Scott…these people are my family

-a soft place to land in Jesus.

-heaven, my home, and that I belong to Heaven, and I don’t belong here…Heaven is my home.

-Tam and Brent, who have always been a great encouragement to me, and have truly become my family. 

-my church family, and my Pastor (he rocks)

-each one of the families that God has brought my way to share HIM with, what an honor for me to serve them.

-my bus kiddos, and the heartache and joy that they bring me each day.

Make your own list…and don’t be surprised that once you start it will go on forever…I really could just keep adding to this list.



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Holidays are NOT for stress

In my past, I lived in a Shelter for Abuse Women(do you know this place is over crowded over the holidays?), not once but twice, both times over the holidays.  Just the name of “holidays” made me cringe and just drag my feet.  I have wonderful husband, who has worked very hard to change that in me.  Success! the last few years I have actually looked forward to it.  Learning to walk with the LORD has been my healing in this area. 

As I look around, I see men carrying a stress that is not the normal stress of day to day or regular bills, its stress knowing the holidays are coming…Ladies, they really want to give all that is on the requests list, but we really need to give them a break…When HE asks what you want for Christmas…eliminate the disappointment and hard feelings, and just tell him. THen allow him to tell you if he can make that happen or not.  Most women I know will say they want nothing..and then are angry because he didn’t see through that to mean something.  Ahhh hit a nerve huh?

Let’s set out this year looking to keep Jesus first in our thoughts and shopping. Lets give the man a break, and remember that he is not here to satisfy our every whim, and while shopping for our kids, keep it within the budget…remind them over and over that this holiday season is about giving and not getting.  Only the LORD can fill our empty voids, not our husbands, and not expensive gifts.

Entering this Thanksgiving Holiday with thanks for all that I have, (a post just on that later)and praying to be a wife that not only pleases my man, but pleases God. 


Would it not be the coolest thing to hear this holiday…

“Her children arise and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praises her.”  Proverbs 31:28   (this is what I am working on for Christmas, what I really want)


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Worship with me…


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For smiles…

Okay, Friday is almost over…WEEKEND! YAY!!! no more drama…smiles!



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Fun Friday Frenzie – Acronyms

I like fridays! Laughter is good medicine for whatever ails you…and so here we go again…

I will give you the word to start this week, you find a word for each letter, and then leave a word for the next person.  Okay? Got it?

(also don’t forget to go to Tam’s and play her friday game..always tons of laughs over there on fridays!)

Last one to play last weeks game was Jim2 (don’t know his URL, so sorry Jim2 couldn’t link to you)

Jim2’s word  – T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G.   (Rule is KEEP IT CLEAN AND FAMILY FRIENDLY, that’s the only rule)


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