Okay, I am keeping the rest




Some of the pink turned dark pink/redish…but in the light..definitely some pink through it..LOL  So tell me what do you think??  I love it…but it was a shock to me at first.. now I love how easy it is to care for….But I am done now…no more cutting hair for a while…it needs a chance to grow now.



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19 responses to “Okay, I am keeping the rest

  1. I LOVE IT!!!

    Adorable. I love short hair.

    Very sassy!

  2. sassy..mmmmm I think I like that…HEY HUBS! ya like sassy?

  3. That looks so cute on you!!! And yes, SASSY!! 🙂

  4. Nice hairstyle. You look good.

  5. Very nice sis… I agree though short enough…

    Peace and love

  6. Hair looks awesome 🙂 s for the health challenge… I don’t think I ever started it… I was like super busy and not that that was an excuse… I just edited my goal weight and will start tomorrow truly because it’s with my new personal growth chart (um… can’t remember the name of the blog its on but it has alot of pictures)

  7. tam

    you so sassy, gurl!!!




    no. youre gonna have to keep cutting it now to keep it looking like that. that is SO dang cute on you! not many can pull that off – youre rocking it Princess!

  8. TheNorEaster

    Yanno…a haircut is only as good as the head it’s on. And that’s a pretty darn good haircut. 😉

  9. Looks great Darla! (and … nice one Nor!!)

  10. Looks great! I went last month to get my hair cut and the lady cut all my hair off. It took awhile to get used to it but now it is getting to where I want it to be! it is so easy to do and doesn’t take much time to get ready!

  11. heidi


    I love it. I wish I could have this style..

    You are rockin!!

  12. You all are sweet! and did me lots of good in adjusting to very short from very long hair.

    Heidi you can have this cut…just rip the pics..and take them along to a stylist…and presto chango..you and I can be twins…I think you would look Mah-velous Darling!

  13. I LOVE the back – all that texture and color – WOW! The front I feel could be parted a bit to one side. You look awesome, hon!! Thanks for all your encouragement too over on callingtodeep. You are loved.

  14. Annie, I am trying the part in the middle just keeps coming back! 😯 so i have settled with the zigzag part and trying to day to keep it more to the side with a ton of mouse! LOL just love me!

  15. WOW it is a stunning cut! Really, you look great!

  16. Do you blow dry it? My hair is VERY stubborn as well (It would definitely have a center part if the decision were left up to … itself). I find what works is a blowdryer and a comb. The comb keeps the hair straight and flat as I blow dry. I do this a lot with my bangs. If you want a bit more lift away from your face, after you blow dry the part, you can blow dry the rest of the bangs with a round brush. I think it works quite well! Doesn’t take long either, once you get the hang of it. 🙂 Loves!

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