Just imagine…




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4 responses to “Just imagine…

  1. Haha funny cartoon

    Its not stupid that you pray for God to control your dreams… that’s actually a good idea! I might do that.

    Though these dreams weren’t nightmare’s in particular… so it’s even more weirder for me to have cried over it… but I’m a big baby and cry @ anything LOL. Thanks for stoppin by and Happy Holidays to you too! 🙂

  2. TheNorEaster

    Maybe he should switch to decaf….? 😕

  3. The beings in heaven probably think that God’s night job is a stand up comedian because of all the seemingly hilarious things he does. They are probably constantly saying to each other, “He has got to be kidding!” I am thinking God is just like, “Watch this! You’ll get a kick out of it. Isn’t that great!?” And then just laughs when Gideon wins a battle with only three hundred; or when Sarah gives birth to a child at a ripe old age; or when Noah goes bobbing around on a floating zoo for over a month to save humanity from itself; …… funny funny stuff that God of ours comes up with.

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