Beauty in the “giving”

God has given me a heart for outreach. As I study through the gospels, I see HIM stopping to help people who have not always made a confession of faith, but believe after HIS compassion has touched them.  I get hung up on corporate church sometimes because they seem to focus on whether or not someone has made that confession before helping them.  Not me!  I want them to see something different in me that goes against the world’s thinking, and pray that they will see Jesus in me.

Last night I met a family, for the first time, that God placed right in my hand. Amazing!  I talked to the mother briefly on the phone, and she was so open to me, and wanted whatever help I could and would give her.  Praise365 and I shopped for them for thanksgiving dinner and some extras to help stock her for a couple days…she lives in a motel efficiency, a small walk in kitchen, a tv and a bed(full size double, no king or queen), two children…one ten, one thirteen. They all live there. She works.  The tears just rolled down her cheeks when we gave her the stuff, and when I gave her my number to call me if she needs anything. She has no car, and is dependant on the public bus. 

God totally opened this door, and I felt like she were my sister, and I just hugged this stranger, and prayed for her.  I have a list of things that her children would like for Christmas, and honestly its a modest list.  I am going to reach her soon again, and walk this life with her…at least til God helps her stand in HIM, and gives her wings to fly.  The blessing in giving is the most precious sense of God I have ever felt, and I encourage you to find a family to help.  If you need help getting started let me know, I will help you find them. 

Thank you Lord for placing 19 families this year into hands of families who love you. Please let them see YOU in us. Please hush a mothers heart that just don’t know which way to turn, and help her to look up to you, please lift her head.  Comfort her children that they are not forgotten. I know you have a plan.  Remembering this thanksgiving how much YOU have given us, and so much we are yet to find out.  I applaud you in reminding me that YOU are still on the move, and still stooping down picking up the lost, still hearing hungry children crying, and still feeding them. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Oh LORD there is none like you, loving you with a heart that you gave to me, thank you for lifting me up and lifting my head, and allowing me to help someone else, but most of all to go along with YOU, and watch my Daddy work.  Priceless.. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Don’t forget tomorrow is my Guest writer…I have already read it, and it brought me to my knees, thanking God for all that HE has done in my heart and in my life….will be up in the morning…stop by and leave some love…and some holiday cheer!


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10 responses to “Beauty in the “giving”

  1. Hey Darla….

    Wishing u a happy Thanksgiving…. not like I will be able to get away coz we don’t celebrate it as a holiday here. aw shucks lol

    Anyway, reading this post reminded me of the guy who wanted a Bible after reading the post about the Cross on my blog. Did u ever get around to sending it? I’m believing that u are a part of God’s hand reaching out to those who need it. “God’s hands and feet must move!” He told me that in one of my first ever prophetic words… and I declare – with uplifted hand! – that YOU are a part of his hand, and he’s using u to touch those who would not be touched otherwise….

    Love you, my sister!

  2. Bajan- yes it was sent and I also notified a church there that they could look him up…don’t know where all that information is anymore..or right now..but it seems so small inthe scope of things…but i think GOD moves like that…thank you brother for your kind words..Love ya!! and if you and your family were here…I would sit you all up at this feast tomorrow with my family!

  3. Love you because you love others so much! 😀 You are such an encouragement to papa – thank you!

  4. small things are big things to God 🙂

    If we were there…. hey … I’d LOVE to plan it sometime so I can see u in person! I’m trying to think about what God means when he says that I have to prepare for expansion, and I know that trips are a big part of that!

    Wish I was there too…. 🙂

  5. Beautiful heart. Beautiful ministry.

    Beautiful Darla!

    Because we have such a Beautiful God!

  6. You put tears in my eyes! How fantastic the heart of God that He’s shared with you. 🙂 Beautiful.

  7. tam

    you have one of the biggest and most genuine hearts of anyone i have ever met in my whole entire life!!!

    beautiful, indeed!

  8. TheNorEaster

    “As I study through the gospels, I see HIM stopping to help people who have not always made a confession of faith, but believe after HIS compassion has touched them. I get hung up on corporate church sometimes because they seem to focus on whether or not someone has made that confession before helping them. Not me!”

    Yeah. You’re a Misfit, all right! 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!!! you all are beautiful, and I am so thankful for each of you and the pictures of Jesus that you bring to me in your comments…you are all a gift from God for which I am grateful…love you!

    ( 😆 still waiting for my misfit membership card, Mr. NorEaster Dude )

  10. THIS what you wrote is the truth in action. Again, you are a good woman. It is an honor to know you. It is an honor that ou are part of my life. Bless you!

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