Thankful for..

Here is my short version of my thankful list;

I am thankful for…

– Jesus loving me enough to come here and die for me and raise again.

– the way HE stooped down in the gutter to pick me up and clean me off.

-the way HE walks with me through each day.

-prayer, that HE always hears me, and always answers even if I don’t like the answer.

-my children, although we have had some rough times, I cherish them.

-my husband, who has shown me that there is nothing we can’t get through together, never walking away, just work a little harder, and marriage is terminal (LOL).

-my blog family, how precious they are to me. There are no words for what an awesome gift they are to me.

-the sunrises that are different every morning, and always start me off with delight, and focus on who is responsible for the colors I can not describe.

-the WORD that keeps me going when I just don’t know how to do life, it never steers me wrong.

-the fact that I have a place to live, clothes, and food.

-laughter, and tears, feeling alive, a free spirit, no more chains.

-my son in love who loves my daughter, and cares for her.

-my mom, who could have left me somewhere but didn’t.

-blogged bible study group, who has given me great encouragement, Carl, Nor, Annie, Joe, Michelle, Dale, Scott…these people are my family

-a soft place to land in Jesus.

-heaven, my home, and that I belong to Heaven, and I don’t belong here…Heaven is my home.

-Tam and Brent, who have always been a great encouragement to me, and have truly become my family. 

-my church family, and my Pastor (he rocks)

-each one of the families that God has brought my way to share HIM with, what an honor for me to serve them.

-my bus kiddos, and the heartache and joy that they bring me each day.

Make your own list…and don’t be surprised that once you start it will go on forever…I really could just keep adding to this list.




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20 responses to “Thankful for..

  1. TheNorEaster

    A guest writer? Really? Well, you’ve definitely got me curious. 😕

  2. Just a couple of days – have a Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Nor- it doesn’t matter how you try to get it out of me…you will have to wait til thursday…at least I know you will come back!!

    Papa- I still think you and Nor should have come here for Thanksgiving…mmmm maybe next year 😉

  4. I am enjoying all these thankful list from your blog bible study group Darla.

    “the way HE walks with me through each day” Amen.

  5. I really don’t have words this year to express the thankfulness I am feeling on the inside. Tempered with loss, mourning, and even anger – but still thankful.

  6. I’m thankful for you, Darla!

    You’ve been a constant friend and wonderful source of encouragement for me. I know you pray for me and have felt the strength those prayers have brought to my life. You are a beautiful soul.

  7. WOW! That’s the list! God blessings are poured out on you! Looking forward to your guest post! (Though I don’t think I’ll be at home all day on Thanksgiving, so … I may get to it on Friday. 🙂 )

  8. PeregrinJoe

    Great list!

  9. I was with a group of ministers from several different churches yesterday and we were discussing how suffering and trials can be rich blessings.
    What does suffering accomplish in the life of the beilever? Is there a purpose? Can we be thankful for the description of a Christian that is in 1 Peter 4:12-18?
    I wonder how much the list in your post will change over the next several years.

  10. Jerald- read through my posts on “down to the bottom”…Suffering I know, and I am prepared for what ever comes…Thankfulness to the LORD is a choice, and yes I am thankful that HE is mine and I am HIS. Peace brother

  11. Darla, I’m thankful that Jesus reigns in me, too. And I’m praying that His reign will cause me to bear what ever the wicked world brings with joy.
    I don’t know how those mentioned in Hebrews 11 remained kept the faith through the persecution that is mentioned but I pray that I’m able to be among them one day. I know that I’ll see you there too, Darla.
    Your perseverance is evident.

  12. Michelle beat me to it! Darla, I’m thankful for you as well. You are just SO full of God’s love, and it flows out from you to all of us. I’m glad you’re you.

  13. girl I got that recipe up for you!!!

  14. Jenny- princess I am crazy about you! thank all should go and make these cookies jenny just posted..especially the chocolate ones!! yummy!

    All- thank you for so many sweet comments, and I am so thankful for all of you, each one fans my fire for Christ in a different way, and I am so grateful to call you all my family…much love to you!

  15. TheNorEaster

    Well, if I have to wait…I guess I’ll just have to wait. It’s only a few more days…Must…wait…’til…Thursday…MUST…WAIT… 😈

  16. How come I get the feeling that is just the beginning of your list… 😉

    I do thank God for our friendship through these blogs…

    Peace and all the love of Christ sister.

  17. Reading through your list is such a reminder of the many, many ways our amazing Father blesses us and gives us grace in our lives. One thing I am really thankful for is that He showed me He is real, and that He loves me. Love you Darla, and Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow 🙂

  18. Marriage is terminal 😯

    Maybe I do deserve you 😉

  19. What a good woman you are. Yes, God has truly blessed us!

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