Just a thought…

when we get to heaven, if God allows us to not be so overwhelmed in HIM that we can speak and ask questions and seek out a particular person from the Bible….Who will you be looking to speak to, and what would you ask them??  (I will give my answer later)


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18 responses to “Just a thought…

  1. Gabriel – I want to thank him for not coming to my door and giving me the message he did to Abraham & Sarah in her old age!

  2. If when? How about just…When we get to heaven!!!

  3. Well, there are a few, I think. But topping the list is Elihu (from the book of Job). I really want to meet that guy.

  4. Brian- 😆 I am hearing you and thought that too…was not feeling like a debate about heaven…my bad ….yes soooooo when we get to heaven…who will you be looking to speak with???

    Annie- ooooooooo thats a good one!!

    Papa- who told you that Gabriel was not coming to you… 😆

  5. Jeremiah. The Weeping Prophet. I’m a crier.

  6. man that’s a tough one….

    I don’t even know how to answer that…

    I’ll think about it and get back to you…. 🙂

  7. PeregrinJoe

    Good one!

    I would have to say that I would want to hear the story of firey furnace from the lips of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

  8. Hmmmm Leah. I want to know how she felt being married to a man that was in love with someone else.

  9. Darla – I keep the door locked, I have a peep hole in the door, if he still comes in I will give him your address! 😯 !!

  10. After worshiping God for eternity… I will then take the next eternity and sit down with David… For obvious reasons… 😉

    Then for the next eternity I will sit down with Paul …

    A side note to this question…We will work when we get to heaven… I want to clean the streets of Gold.

  11. You all have so many good ideas and thoughts…for me
    i think i want to sit with Daniel, and hear about how Great God moved in his life, and if he had any fear whatsoever….mmmmm and Mary..I would like to know and hear her story of childbirth of God the Son, and kissing HIS face, and cuddling HIM…did she have to tell HIM to eat his dinner, or did HE just do it…if she had any clue who exactly HE was…so many I want to hear tell thier story…Oh and John…I would love to take a walk with him around Heaven and have him show me exactly what he saw in Revelations.. too many to write for now…

    Of course I don’t think I will tire of anyone there, and first and foremost to worship face to face with the King Of Kings, my redeemer and lover of my soul.

    Carl…I want my job to be helping you..although I am doubting there will be a necessity to clean..thinking that may be a result of the curse…and where we are going..NO curse!

  12. Zacchaeus – I’d love to ask him how he felt when Jesus came over, looked up into the tree and said, “Hey, come down from there. I’m having dinner with you tonight.”

  13. TheNorEaster

    Adam & Eve.

    And I would say, “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  14. Darla – I am looking forward to throwing my rewards I have gathered in heaven at the feet of Christ everyday….and in-between throws I will chat with you and others.

  15. Brian what a wonderful thought.. hope I have accumulated enough crowns to keep throwing…pressing on…and I will look forward to meeting you!

    Nor- 😆 too late!

    Sheep- you know the more I think about it, the more I can’t wait..and the longer the list gets of who…I will need an eternity… 😉

  16. tam

    ruth. i would love to sit with her. i have this picture in my mind of her being gentle and soft spoken and SO full of wisdom!

  17. John…definitely John the Beloved. I cannot tell you what His books have meant to my life.
    David…definitely David. I have to know what it felt like to have the Spirit reveal the suffering of Christ…long before Christ came. Did it leave him in tears?
    Moses…definitely Moses. How did God write the Ten Commandments on the stone tablet. I want to know what that looked like.
    Won’t it be glorious?!?

  18. Rahab. I would ask her to tell the story of her rescue and then forced immigration to the people of God.

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