The Ship is sinking…

My heart has been amazed at the amount of compassion that our LORD shines on us daily. As I go through my day and see so many children who are unloved, forgotten, and just missing the happy skip a child should have…I am reminded.

The world is getting worse, and its supposed to…that means HE is coming soon!  Mothers who can just be so consumed with theirself, and have no compassion on their own children…appalling!  So many who say they don’t believe in anything, and yet they are their own god, self worship!  Oh the long suffering and patience of our HOLY GOD, to not just wipe us out.  This is just the tip of the iceburg, and the ship is sinking…

With each heart ache I feel, I turn and lay it in HIS hands, and watch as HE turns it into something priceless.  When we get to Heaven we will never feel our hearts break again, He is going to wipe every tear away…but until then…

We need to pray for the lost, pray for our hearts to have compassion, and to reach with everything we have and don’t have as if we were watching someone drowning, they are.  We need to feel that kind of desperation in reaching out to the lost.  We know a secret, we are the lights reflecting the Son, its not just ours, its for them as well.  We need to give it away, to shine like crazy! 

Oh Father God, how lost we once were, and in your mercy you rescued us.  Don’t let us forget where we have come from, fill us over and over with your compassion and love, give our spirits an urgency to lose self, and allow you to flow from our lips and actions. 

Laying all the children I come in contact with at your feet, and remembering and believing that you knew them before you formed them in their mothers womb.  You have a plan, and I lift them to you, to protect them, reveal yourself to them, allow them to feel your love tonight, and don’t let them leave here without you.  Thank you for allowing my heart to break..I know you have my attention when that happens, and you always but it back together more in love with YOU.  Your princess who sees the signs, and feels the desperation to keep pressing on.



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8 responses to “The Ship is sinking…

  1. I heart your heart Darla –

    Papa loves your compassion for children – of all ages!

  2. Hello Darla
    I read your post and it was so touching,how we long to see others come into Relationship with Jesus while there is time,because as we know one day soon that door will be shut and the Horrors that await those left behind will be totally like they’ve Never seen before.So I also keep praying & reaching out the life line Jesus the only Anchor that will keep us!!

    Love in Christ

  3. You are in the place of God for these kids, Darla. You are powerful in that place. You may not see with your eyes all the ground you take back from the enemy … but it is there. You are a warrior princess …

  4. Thank you, Darla. I needed this reminder today. The ship is sinking and that does mean He’s coming soon. It will be made perfect when He steps down to fulfill the prophecy. Until then, our hearts will be broken, with a purpose…so we will see the hurt and reach out in love to share the Truth of Him. He is the only One who can, and will, restore.

    Love you, Darla!

  5. Hi my beautiful friend…

    Thanks for you kind words earlier…one of my husband’s cousin, a young mother of two precious boys committed suicide last night. My heart is aching for her boys (12 and 2) I just can’t imagine.

    Thank you for this post and for praying!

    My heart is crying “Come quickly Lord”…


  6. Steph-I emailed you, I love you, and I am praying for you, your hubs, and those children…I know it doesn’t sound like much today..but I know this one..and just like Joseph…the enemy had a plan to harm, but GOD has a plan to take the bad and make it good..I am believing tonight for us both…and I echo you…”come Lord Jesus”

  7. “You are a warrior princess …”

    Annie said it perfectly.

  8. These prayers that you posted are powerful. Thanks for loving so deeply.

    Hi! I am playing catch up today. All week little by little I have been reading my blogs and commenting. Today is Darla’s Day.

    Love you girl!

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