Bus Kiddos break my heart…

Emily is five years old. She has been on my bus since the beginning of the school year.  Here are some things she has openly told me…

!. I live in a foster home

2. My mom and dad are coming back for me when they know what there life is all about. (do you  know what your life is about?)

3. Every wednesday , I leave school early with my case worker, so that my mom and dad can have visitation with me, its a long ride, and I am always sad when I come back.

4.  Jennifer is my foster mom, she is nice, but she knows that someday I have to go back to my mom. Jennifer gets mad when I see my mom.

5. Sometimes I just want to go home, but there is no home.

6. I am sick, and Jennifer said go to school anyway, and see the nurse, can I go there when I get there?

Today…on Dec. 17th I am moving back with my mom for a while, no one knows how long, but this weekend I will have to move in another family foster care home, because i can’t stay anymore with Jennifer.  I don’t know what school I will go to when I move back with my mom.  I am really just moving around alot.  Are you going to miss me Miss Darla when they take me again.  “Oh yes, I will miss you, and I will pray for you lots”



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15 responses to “Bus Kiddos break my heart…

  1. This just breaks my heart.

    Are you going to be keep in touch with her?

  2. I am not allowed its a conflict of interest for the bus company and school district..I am not allowed to “interfere” with a students life…that is what they call it, I call it caring for a little one that no one else cares about. the world is so messed up.

  3. Heartbreaking, and it happens so much more than we are aware of.

  4. conflict of INTEREST???????

    You mean at least you have an interest… the bus company & school district seem not to have any….

  5. Wow. How do you put the pieces of your heart back together when they say these things?

  6. 😯 😥 you knew when you typed this you would rip out part of papa’s heart! So glad you shared though – you do know that the more that mama and papa pray, the more of these children you are going to meet – it is part of your ministry. You may only have brief encounters, but they are ‘divine appointments’ God has given you – that no one else can do. NEVER EVER FORGET THAT!!;)

  7. bajan- exactly … pray a prayer for the children this world has so many unwanted children…and I know Jesus loves and knows each one.

    @ng- this is ministry, Jesus puts my heart back together every time, and I know my prayers for these little ones are being heard…I trust HIM, to bring this little girl full circle to HIS arms one day, thats what I pray for her, and for HIS hand of protection on her as the adults are not doing their job. I am sure your little ones break your heart from time to time. love ya

    Hislifeformine- glad to hear from you, later I am planning on sitting her and visiting with your blog 😉

    Papa- I never write to intentionally rip hearts out, but I do write to keep people aware of our fallen world, and what is wrong with it..I appreciate you and mamas prayers so much and someday Emily will appreciate them too. love you

  8. HW

    Oh, this is heartbreaking. I’m so glad she met you, and you will be praying for her. You may not know until heaven the difference your prayers make in her little life. But still, it is so wrenching to have this kind of contact with a hurting child.

    God Bless you, Darla!

  9. It really does break your heart to read this.
    It is as if God placed you on that bus, in this child’s life, to be a listening ear, a kind presence, and someone who could pray.
    Lots of love.

  10. My gracious, Darla. She’s only five and probably just beginning to get her thoughts completely expressed. And she’s sharing those thoughts with you. She feels safe with you — she probably sees God in you, but just doesn’t know what it is.

    Oh Father, let the children come to Darla so she can warm their hearts with your love. Give her words to respond bringing hope to their little lives. Thank you for choosing to use Darla in such a mighty way. Please lead Emily to a safe, secure home where she can learn about You. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

  11. Wow, Darla. Tears in my eyes. No words.

  12. Darla.. Love on her while you can.. Use the heart Jesus gave you…. Peace and love sis.

  13. wow…..I understand where you are coming from. Most of our kids have been in about 20 other placements before coming to us. One thing I appreciate about the place I work is that we don’t give up on kids easily. We will fight to keep them here as long as we can!

  14. All- I am exactly where God wants me for now…I am sure there is a move in my near future…but never underestimate the power of prayer…I am praying for these kiddos, and as long as God is breaking my heart, I am sure it is also for my good.. love ya!

  15. Darla, thank you for sharing these heartbreaking stories. Gives us all a chance to pray for these little ones, and they sure need it. Michelle’s prayer says everything I would want to say to Him: “Thank you for choosing to use Darla in such a mighty way. Please lead Emily…”

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