Oh Great God, Be small enough to hear me now- I AM

Amazing that HE is the I AM that makes men fall on their face as if dead at just the sound of HIS name, and still cares about what each of us encounters daily, and just wants us to believe that HE is …  I AM!  hope this is an encouragement to you as it was for me…



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16 responses to “Oh Great God, Be small enough to hear me now- I AM

  1. Thank you for this, Darla… Maybe the ban on Youtube at work was lifted for me to hear this….

  2. I’ve stolen the Youtube song from u lol (my first attempt at embedding anything!) … go to my post and read my thoughts on it – and the supernatural story I tell.
    ♥ u

  3. tam

    i feel SO small right now. but in that…i feel so safe and secure in His big loving arms!

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  5. I am amazed HE loves me in spite of my screw ups! 😯 He really cares for us! 😀 I am humbled by his love for me! 😎

  6. bajan- honored that you would want to put this vid on your blog, sometimes we tend to forget that HE is everywhere, and although HE does very BIG things, He also does small things and hears our one small voice. I love that HE is always with me.

    Tam- the best part of feeling so small is those BIG loving arms…I’m with you…I love that!

    Papa- all those emoticons…I thought Bran was here LOL I am also humbled by HIS love for us..

  7. Beautiful Darla. Thanks for sharing this vid.

  8. I am insignificant, but with his Amazing Grace, I am brought into Him…

    Peace and Love sis.

  9. Carl, love you , man!

    Ric- you are welcome! this touched my heart today, and i wasn’t looking for it, just kind of landed on my lap, and captivated met today, love sharing with you bro.

  10. HW

    wow… thank you for sharing that. wow.

  11. Darla that was amazing. I have never heard that song before and the video was a beautiful accompaniment. Thank you for putting that up.

  12. u know what, Darla? The Youtube ban at work has come back 😆 so I *really* wonder if God allowed me to hear that song just when I needed it? 😆

  13. Dropping in to say howdy! 🙂

  14. Beautiful – You’re doing good works D 😀

    ♥ ♥ ♥


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