Saturday Funnies- what not to buy her for Christmas!




I love you guys and I know you have the best intentions…just trying to help 



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10 responses to “Saturday Funnies- what not to buy her for Christmas!

  1. I resemble those remarks! We just can’t win can we ?? Someone once told me; “never buy her anything that has a cord on it!”

  2. 😆 that is also good advice..but hey somethings with cords on I like..soooo you will have to know what she loves, or truly wants you to get her..oh and when she says “nothing” she never means that. just trying to be helpful ! love ya !

  3. Christmas is coming and I am stumped what to get mama – 😯 We are cutting way back this year – monetary wise.

  4. Buy her the new Beth Moore book “Esther” I have it on my list…maybe her and I will both get it, and read it together.. 😉

  5. oooh! these are so good! 🙂

  6. hahahaha I thought I would start early this year and try to guide some male readers into a for real Merry Christmas…hehehe

  7. lol I like those very funny!

  8. i think the slimfast one is hysterical….

  9. Hmmm… wonder if I can exchange this skillet…


  10. you could paint a picture on it..and pretend you thought it was art…just a thought

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