Who is taking care of the children?

I don’t have much, but I have found if I give my little to the Lord, HE will make it much. Reminds me of the story of the feeding of the five thousand. The little boy only had two fish and three loaves of bread, but it fed everyone and enough left over to feed the disciples as well.  I have always thought that was amazing.

The Lord has burdened my heart for the country of Bolivia.  I was very ignorant to the needs there, and as I looked into it, my heart broke.  As in many third world countries, children as disposable. Can you imagine? Leaving them on a doorstep, or at ten years old putting them in the street to work.  I really had my eyes opened to these “street children”, and how God is moving through the streets in Cochabamba, Bolivia.   DaRonn and Angie Washington have a ministry that they not only do the administrative work, but are also living and working the ministry, in an Orphanage.  Rehanna is a friend of thiers and is also working in Bolivia, and reaching out to the street kids.  There stories are a beautiful picture of God’s grace in action. 

Please consider joining me in giving (even just a little), visit the ministry website here.  Jesus said to let the children come to HIM.  Be a blessing this holiday season, remembering that we do not go to bed hungry, we know that we are blessed…but blessed to be a blessing.  Peace



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7 responses to “Who is taking care of the children?

  1. I love to see your compassion for children — 😀

  2. To help the hurting…how can we ever do enough? The need is so great.

    It overwhelms.

    If we’ll ALL give…

    Darla, this just breaks my heart because I know what the Word says about the love of many growing cold. And I know that is not an encouraging word, but we must be on our guard not to let our hearts grow cold along with the world’s.

    Thank you for this and I thank the Lord for your heart of compassion.

  3. You made me tear up. The Washingtons are dear people (or as DaRonn’s recent bowling team dubbed him … the “Washintongs.”) Love you.

  4. Wow! Darla, you are amazing. It is so true that the needs are great but it is also true that everyone can give, even if it is a little.

    Thank you so much for this unsolicited post. Thank you for being such a dear friend! And if they could, the Bolivian people would tell you thank you as well.


  5. Papa- you know me personally, and you know that I would give anything to a child in need, for them to see Jesus. My heart is so heavy with this…

    Michelle- imagine if every professing Christian, sent just 10 dollars, once..what power would move through a country like this…God is so clear in the Bible to take care of the Children. I know your heart, and thanks for being here.

    Annie, I know you understand this post, as your heart is heavy for Thrive Africa, another awesome ministry..somehow we need to raise awareness…so many still don’t get it!

    @ang- love you all..God has definitely filled my heart with love for Bolivia…You were unaware of what I would write or when, and this will probably not be the last post…I just love what you and DaRonn are doing…people don’t understand that anything given can be used of GOD, and prayers even more…they don’t cost us a thing. Love you girl!! XOXOXOXO

  6. Tanya

    Darla, God is so awesome. I just recently picked up a book about George Mueller. He was a minister in the 1800’s. He opened up several orphanages for the street children. He never did any out side work, he totally depended on God. And sure enough God provided all of the needs. All the money for the new buildings, food etc. It has really moved me. I guess we are for the children, God uses us to work for the kids. I will check out these sites and I also am glad that I was able to come over to your post and read your heart. God knows where we need to go. Love ya from Tanya

  7. tam

    angie and daronn, thank you! a million thank yous!!!

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