So many lost people…

So many people hurt, so many people going through trials, so many confused people, so many misled people.  Its not hard to see them, just look around where ever you are, and its there.  Some may never speak a word to what they are going through, but the eyes are a window to the soul, and its there..darkness, hopelessness, rejection, shame, loneliness.

I know how this all effects me, from time to time, I just have to cry out for them…I feel their pain.  Thinking of how much more our LORD sees and hears and looks into thier darkened hearts, and what that must feel like to HIM, the Creator, knowing that HE created a way for them to come to HIM and have the darkness turned to light.  Either it has been rejected or….we the body are not doing our job in letting HIS light shine through us.  SAD.  Don’t believe for a second that all have heard the Good News and have made a choice, I don’t believe that.

Lord, the ones of us who are trying hard to work in the harvest fields are tired, we get weary from friendly fire(that by the way is not so friendly), we are becoming desperate for the lost to hear and know you, please send help…encourage us…minister to our wounds, and give us strength. Help us, we are so selfish, so self centered in all we do.  We need to be emptied fresh and refilled with more of you.  I know you know, and I know that nothing escapes your eyes, refresh us. Your grace is sufficient for us, help us to remember it always.   Everything is about you, and nothing is about us.



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9 responses to “So many lost people…

  1. sjgwin

    Just stumbled on your blog, and I was blessed by your words.

    “To the least of these…to me” is becoming our slogan.

    Thanks for your words.

  2. Marie

    You have a beautiful heart, Darla. I cry out with you in your prayer!

  3. Darla – this post is really one of the most important Christian issues out there – it brings up a humongus question: “if this is true, what are you really, I mean really, willing to do if Christ needs your help?” Time? Resources? Risk? Involvement? Papa knows – I have weighed all of that – and – sometimes I don’t like my answer.

  4. What a beautiful prayer. Love your heart! Love you!

  5. Thia SAME THING has been on my heart. We walk in step, dear sister.

  6. tam


    tonight – i am angry over the friendly fire. just got blasted by yet, another, “christian”…for nothing. no reason. you know what makes it so hard sometimes to stand up tall? my fellow believers. is that the way it should be? what about Pauls words in Phil 2? wheres the unity!?

    im sorry. im venting. im fed up. my soul and heart are screaming out! i am exhausted…

  7. YOu are allowed to vent here!!! I love you!!! Unity People..which word don’t they understand? 😉

    Have a great birthday..don’t miss your bday post here…its better than me singing..honestly…you know

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