Black- the new Pink



New Do again??  YES but this time my girls decided this would look good on me.  Of course I had to add some redish pink highlights, and the underside in the back…PINK!   I stepped out from behind my long hair…and hope it doesn’t redefine me!  I like me..naaaaa I am still me…So here is ME!!  just had to share with my family on line…



Tried to get the glittery shine out of the pictures…and no can do! soooo that means we have to deal with the fact that I shine like the stars!  LOL  (just kidding really)



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13 responses to “Black- the new Pink

  1. Hey, who’s the HOTTIE!?!?!?!?!?

  2. I LOVE IT !!!

    Wow. You’re too cool for me! I’m just a mom.

    But you’re a MOM!


  3. I love the length. I bet you’ll find it’s easier.

    It’s still longer than mine though. One of these days I just might get brave and put up a whole, real picture…well…maybe not…



  5. Thanks! Hubs is collecting points.. 😆

    Michelle- put a pic up you are adorable, and we love you!! I don’t know how cool I am..but it already feels like lots of wieght is off my neck..and I like that!

    Selena- thanks…I like it too…I may want to make the back more PINK..not sure yet..

  6. HW

    Oh it looks GREAT! I love it!!!

  7. Oo-lah-lah! 🙂 You are a cutie pie!

  8. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! You look great!! Yeah!!! My vote is you should take some sassy new picture for your profile. 🙂

  9. Heidi- thanks! you are too kind, love ya princess!

    @ngie- love you! your comment made me laugh…I loved your hair so much..and I have been thinking about it girls did the final push..and I like it..I will love it by tomorrow! love ya Prin

  10. Annie- 😆 I have been thinking about that…mmmmm maybe tomorrow! Prin, you brighten my day every time you stop here…and I hear (and seen) that you are a Star!!! love that too! yo te amo!

  11. I think i’ll try it on mama! you two will be twins! Mama says she likes it – she says it’s becoming! Whatever that means.

  12. tam

    my kids are over my shoulders saying….

    oh thats cool!

    thats awesome!

    i like that!!


    i CONCUR!!!

    it looks UH-MAY-ZEEEEEN!!!

  13. Thank you darling! 😉 I am getting used to it…and love the little bit of shampoo and conditioner I am using…asking Hubs, if that counts as my cut back to save money? 😉

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