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16 responses to “Saturday Funnies

  1. humm, as popular as that book is I even thought it came in several translations/interpretations – I guess I had better burn my copy. I had better look around, sure hope i didn’t loan it to someone.

  2. 😆 better find it and get rid of it! I think I may have been taught originally out of that book..glad i found the good book!

  3. What?!

    And to think I thought the book was well-written! 🙄 😉 It spoke directly to me!

    Oh, what to do? It’s expensive. I can’t just burn it, can I? And what about the great lessons it’s imparted to me? I can’t just unlearn them!

    Oh, Darla! You broke my heart with this post! 😥



  4. tam

    BT – funny!

    darla – I love your sense of humor!

  5. funny … but then sad. Very sad. Straight to the mark.

  6. funny … but then sad. Very sad. Straight to the mark.

  7. Dum da dee dee Dum Dum ..DumdadeedeeDum.


  8. Name that tune by the way…. 😉

  9. Nope somewhat older than that…

  10. mmmmmmm thinking….is it along the same thought?

  11. Nope.. but it is all you need. 😉

  12. All you need is love…LOL there was some truth to that song…did I guess it??

  13. yes…Maybe we need to turn that into a friday game some how

  14. YES! Sarcasm remains the forte of the non-religious. Yes. *dances with joy”

    Like we need a book to tell us that. Tsk!


    Thank you Darla.

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