Holidays are fast approaching!

Already before Thanksgiving even gets here, Christmas things are filling the aisles of stores that I frequent.  This causes me to think about..who, and what will I buy.  *sigh* I hate the commercialism…I hate the pressure…but overall I love the Holiday.  While visiting my brother Ric on his blog…I saw this video, and thought how cool would it be to actually do something worthwhile, and buy a gift for someone who truly needed it.  Not just clothing or food, but something that actually means thier existence. ( i know food could be one of those things too, but lots are doing that)…

watch this…(yea I took it right off Rics ya man!) and couldn’t we start right here in blogland to show Christ this holiday with a gift that saves lives. Copy and paste the URL and send it to everyone on your email list…we could make a difference



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10 responses to “Holidays are fast approaching!

  1. DaRonn

    It is amazing how we take things for granted. Fresh water for many is a priledge and not a luxury.

  2. Hi Darla!

    Merry Christmas. 😉

    In the Philippines, Christmas songs are played starting September through the -ber months… and even until Jan 6 (Three Kings). It’s kinda weird at the malls toward the end of October — there are Hlloween as well as Xmas decors. 😉

    Commercialism it is. 😦

    But still, I love Christmas. I like giving gifts to my little nephews and nieces. It’s a family tradition my brothers and I started , because well… it’s something we did not experience when we were kids. Our uncles and aunts were not into gift-giving.

  3. I like the “presence for Christmas” theme – i need to work on that.

  4. Bless you for your sweet heart. 🙂

  5. wow, Darla. Thanks for remind me about the love that Jesus is.

  6. Here in Barbados, our Independence day is Nov. 30th… but Christmas songs start playing all in October! How unpatriotic lol I sometimes wonder if Independence Day is an interruption of the Christmas season….

  7. Awesome video and one we should all take a tip from.

    Ric’s right, you are 😎

  8. Ric- 😳 not too many achieve the blush..LOL I hope to be as cool as you when I grow up..

    Praise- 😉 yup extra points for’re getting lots of those these days.

    Jerald- thanks for visiting, hope to see more of you, I enjoyed your blog this morning too, and hope to get back over there very soon.

    DaRonn and Angie, love you both, and we really need to be more educated in the needs of third world countries, and shown how to help…thats my plan..I hope to raise awareness, we can make a difference

    Brainy- love you girl you are wise beyond your years, and I know you understand this post…you brought the sonshine in today! ♥

    Papa- you inspire and encourage me, love you!

    Bajan- dude you crack me up! the nerve of someone allowing Christ mas to interfere with independance! LOL hope all is well

  9. Very cool.

    Thanks, Darla.

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