Welcome Back Pasturescott!!

For some reason, that God chooses to keep to HIM self, I have become very attached to Pasturescott, and for quite a few months he has been MIA.  God has put him on my heart over and over to pray for him, and to just be my annoying self on his blog.  Pasturescott has returned, and even more a threat to the dark kingdom.  I just love him! Would you all go over and just read his post, and leave him some comment luv?  Honestly, I have never read a thing there that God did not move my heart on something.  I would love to introduce you to my brother, Pasturescott (don’t forget to check out his about page..he’s scripturally sound, and funny too) 

BTW- don’t forget to come back..I would surely miss you all!



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3 responses to “Welcome Back Pasturescott!!

  1. Checkin’ him out!

    (wait … did that sound wrong?)

  2. 😆 very wrong…but I did know what you meant…no negative energy here. love ya

  3. Marie

    Hey Darla, I belong to the small flock that is shepherded by Pasture Scott. He is all that you say and much more!

    He is the most humble Pastor I have ever had. He does not gloss over anything and preaches Truth. He is also a great encourager! It is an unspeakable blessing to know him and his wife Sandy. They, together, are shining out the Light of Life in this world.

    Thank you for encouraging him so. It is sooooo good that he is blogging again.

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