Election Day- End of the World?

Are you beside yourself over this election?  Does it make a difference how you will be tomorrow if your candidate doesn’t win?  Is the world going to end over this election? Does either of the candidates have that much power?  Is God still in control, no matter the outcome?  Is God going to take America through what HE has planned for her regardless?  My Hubs has me singing this old song..I have a suggestive mind LOL  “Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine”…isn’t that the peace we are supposed to have, or have I finally gone off the deep end?  


LOL did this make you dance? LOL it made me dance!  I feel fine!



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19 responses to “Election Day- End of the World?

  1. HW

    Haha. I feel fine too. 🙂 Honestly, whatever the outcome of today, I’m fine. Except that I have a headache.

  2. haha. What an outlook!

  3. offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline


  4. Gracie Hill

    I voted and feel good. As I prayed, the thoughts and comments came to me one by one and I was left with “vote your beliefs.” So how do I do that when it seems both major parties hold issues that do not match my beliefs as dictated by God’s Word? Another thought surfaced, vote individuals, not parties. Of those with an interest in serving our country and our God I was able to come up with the possibility of two, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. The peace that flooded me with that revelation was enough for me. Why do we insist that there are only two choices? Read Joshua 24. Choose this day who you will serve. With the limited information given on personal views and personal lifestyles, I chose those I thought were the closest match to the scripture guidelines. I don’t usually, in fact this is a first, reveal how I vote. But the Christian cannot be silent any longer. Not in the sense of shoving my views down anyone’s throat, but in the sense that I would that all search the scripture, pray and earnestly seek God for His lead in every aspect of our life.

    We are his ‘catalog,’ we present to the world around us images of what they need from the Lord. You don’t know what you need sometimes until you see it and find it missing from your own life.

    We have more than just two choices today, choose God.

    Quoted from a pastor of mine in response to the above entry I made on the church blog entitled “Who would Jesus vote for?” is the following “I love that thought from Gracie Hill: “We have more than just two choices today, choose God.” That is great counsel.

    November 5th will be here tomorrow with a new president of the United States of America. No matter the man selected, our God will still be Jehovah. What comfort that brings to my soul.”

    No matter what, we can be sure our God is God and we are his. gracie

  5. Gracie- thank you for taking time to comment here. That is exactly what i went through as I went to vote today. I even questioned my self if I should even do it..So I am resolved that come what may..electoral votes or not…my God is in control, and I find great comfort in that..thus a little dancing “I feel fine”.

    Praise- 😆 I decline

    Annie- you always brighten up my blog!
    HW_ I thought you would comment on this..did you want to dance too? 😉

  6. HW

    I wanted to dance too. But I’d probably hurt myself (or others) if I tried. 🙂

  7. 😆 a little inhibited dance…yeah I thought about not hurting myself too!!

  8. I voted and stuck to my convictions… i could not vote for ether ether of the two major candidates.

    I think it is time for a third party in this country, so I voted as such.

    All in all I am just happy it is about over.

  9. I am really not all that concerned about the outcome of the election. Regardless of who is in office, that person was placed there by God to bring about His will. I think the times that we are living in are exciting. This has not caught God off guard at all!

  10. tam

    well of course youve gone off the deep end. and thanks…cuz it was getting lonely down here


  11. As long as you voted you have a voice in how your nation grows. It is the complainers who lament the choices of others that annoy me when they decide not to bother. Even a spoiled ballot paper is a way to register disapproval of the candidates and lack of choices and voting for a minority party with a single issue is a way of getting that issue raised up in the conciousness of bigger party policies.

  12. I didnt listen to the song, but I believe what you say is true we must remember GOD is in control so no matter what the results are we trust that He is leading us in the plan he has for the future!

  13. God is in control…His will be done.

  14. I didn’t vote, but I’m still pretty stoked about the outcome. This is the first time in my adult (voting age) life that the candidate that I wanted to win actually won. It feels pretty good.

    Don’t get me wrong – there’s a lot of work to do in this country, and one man or the gov’t isn’t going to solve things. In fact, I’d say most of the circumstances are beyond their control. But God is in charge. He wins.

    The Kingdom of God is within and upon us. IF that is true in your life go and share the good news with someone today.

  15. Bad, I already shared today with someone..and hope to do more of it as the day moves on…

    Michelle- God is in control no doubt!

    Rehanna- I love that we have that comfort in this life no matter what comes our way, that our God is in control!

    Hoverfrog- I voted so are you saying I may complain? 😆 that is always what I thought too!

  16. Tam- hahahahaha glad to be in such good company! 😉
    Ramsey- always good to see you here…God is always in control…love that thought

    CK- hear you man! I did vote…but I am serious thinking to not do it anymore…it felt like cutting…no matter which way I looked it all looked like a dead end street to me..I still feel fine! 🙂

  17. Darla, of course you can complain. You life in a free country. You only don’t get to complain if you don’t vote.

    Plus it’s your blog. That gives you the right to say whatever you please.

  18. Hover- love your thoughts!! and that is exactly how I feel about it! 😆

  19. DaRonn

    No matter what happens the world will still go one. In fact it just did.

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