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I have been wandering around on the blogosphere in search of hearts! That sounds strange, but some blogs are set up for family to keep in touch, and somehow I feel like I am intruding. Although its a blog for all to read.  In my search, I have been looking for hearts that have servants heart, a mode for outreach, and first and foremost a heart for God.  Yes, I have those already, but  I know the body of Christ is bigger than my bubble, and I have never been good at bubble dwelling.  I guess my past has caused me to be somewhat of a wanderer.  Love me anyway!

Here are some blogs I would love for you to visit.  Blogs that fan the flame in my soul to keep moving in the direction that the Lord has already put on my heart.  Nuf said??




The LORD has put these people on my heart to love and pray for, to find ways that I can help support their mission.  These are our sisters in Christ, and our brother in Christ, another part of our family…Thank you Jesus for putting them in my path, and using them to keep it alive and moving…thank you for their hearts that are following hard after you in the direction that you have set for them, and Father bless them.  Give them a special sense of YOU today, as they are your hands and feet in living out your love to those they come in contact with. And help us to see the ways in which we can also be of assistance to them or to those around us.  Praise you Jesus for what you are doing around the world, and for loving the children and saying “Let the children come to me”…How awesome You are! Always in Jesus name, your princess



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14 responses to “Blog Love

  1. Darla in your own words to me, can I say them to you. “Woman, you bless me!” Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Rehanna, GOD has given me a great love for you, has put you on my heart to pray for very early in my day, for some time…may I say..WE are blessed, what an awesome GOD we serve! LOVE YOU PRINCESS!

  3. wonderful! 😉

    I know what you mean about feeling like an intruder on some blogs. 😯 heehee

  4. I never feel that way on yours though…isn’t that odd? I guess I just think I am family when on yours 😆 oh well you are stuck with me!!

  5. Aaawwww – you are soooooo sweet!!! Wow wow wow. This is such a huge blessing to me. You are a refreshing bubble burster. 🙂

    Rehanna is amazing! To know her in person is one of the best parts of living in Cochabamba.

    DaRonn is just the most wonderful guy I have ever met (might be the reason I married him – hee hee hee).

    And to be named amongst such quality people is a high honor indeed.

    Thank you for the prayers – they make all the difference in the world, my friend. Hugs!

  6. @ng- 😆 i am loving being a “bubble burster”… hahahahahaha

  7. That makes me so happy to hear GOD put me on your heart, I have praying for that for a long time. I really am no fool when it comes to realizing that without prayer I am nothing, can do nothing etc.

    Angie you almost made me cry..must be the hormones lol! You have also been a TRUE blessing from God to me in more ways than you think! Love ya girls!

  8. heidi

    @ngie is incredible.. her husband too. I need to check out Rehanna!!

    You know I forgot your birthday and I am coming on my knees girl for forgiveness… Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FORGIVE ME!!!

    Will you?? my old age is setting in. will you girl…

    Love you princess!!!!

  9. Heidi- you know you are always forgiven…my princess sista!

    Rehanna- I will email you, and you can send me any prayer requests, I would be honored to lift you up to our King!

    @ng- I am glad you married know he is out and about on blogland enquiring about you ! I think Annie told him your married! 😆

  10. I’ll take being “stuck” with you. 😆 heehee

    You make me smile! 😀

  11. DaRonn

    YOU REALLY LIKE ME?! I feel loved 🙂


  12. wiredtoinspire

    oh, interesting. i didn’t know my link didn’t show up with my comment. i’m new to wordpress . . . my blog is or just

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