A little piece of my heart

This is a little piece of my heart-

Lately, working on gathering names of women and children who are needy in my community, so that as a church we can provide for them.  I have done this for several years, but last year was the first time that I had the experience of a church family that got involved and helped.  For most of them it was a first time.  I am huge on follow up, I don’t want to just feed their bellys (although if that is all they will let me do, I am okay with that).  So normally I plan a follow up Christmas party (happy birthday Jesus) and invite the same families, and try to pull Christmas together for their children.  They always get the Gospel message in this.

This year the Lord has been laying something different on my heart.  As I worked through it and talked with my Pastors, I became very excited about it.  This year we are looking to the church family to adopt a needy family, and when delivering the food for thanksgiving, start building a relationship with them, follow up with providing Christmas for the same family, and share the Gospel with them, invite them to church, and genuinely just walk beside them.

My first time doing this, I ended up on a doorstep of an elderly woman in a three room apartment with three generations living with her, when I spoke of Jesus she cried…and my heart shattered to here her story. She was under a witness protection program, moved and forgotten…she hugged me and said…”I know Jesus and I know HE sent you to help me, thank you, this little baby only has two diapers and is drinking his last bottle”  HE does things like this if we just follow…oh that we would have spirits that follow!

Some of my readers that have been with me since http://darla-overcomer.blogspot.com  know that this is my heart.  I love talking to these people, and showing them Jesus.  When one comes to Christ, I know the party in my heart that goes on, I try to imagine the party that happens in Heaven. 

As the Holidays are fast approaching us, would you pray for the Lord to guide you to that one person who truly needs something that you can provide?  I don’t have much and I can tell you that it isn’t a prerequiste.  God always provides. 

Father God, please help us to be your hands and feet, to have willing hearts, and to be a picture of your love…not just some days but everyday, and every where we go.  I love you so!



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14 responses to “A little piece of my heart

  1. wiredtoinspire

    I hope that building a relationship in this way will prove to be a joyful experience, even when you find the challenges that may come along the way. I think about Paul saying he didn’t mind being “poured out as a drink offering” to see the church he was ministering to come to strength in their faith . . .

  2. What a wonderful thing sister. This is how the church of Christ should act. Love it…

    Peace and love sister.

  3. wow. This gave me chills!!!

  4. That is really, really awesome. Praise God. Love you!!

  5. Wiredtoinspire- there are many challenges in outreach, but they are so worth it in furthering the Kingdom..thanks for visiting, hope you visit again..i would like to read your site if you could leave you URL.

    CK- I am learning over the last few years, sometimes what I dislike the most about the building of the church is something that I can change by being obedient and showing one person at a time how to move off the pew and move into an active part of the body…God is good, and HE does bless obedience.

    Brandy- Love you girl….still bumming that I missed you in Oregon by a few short months!

    Annie- God is awesome, and I love the end results of these journeys HE takes me on, sometimes they are up hill battles…and sometimes I cry out for HIM to hold the sun! HE is always faithful…I know you love that too!

  6. DaRonn

    Love the way you look for practical ways to show the love of God. I think it pleases Him.

  7. tam

    yes. i will pray that we will make ourselves available to those with “needs” theyre there – we just need to go. that is my prayer.

    i love you!

  8. Hi my princess daughter! We are having a wonderful time in Oregon – wish you were here !! Papa just whipped Tam & Mama in Farkel!! I hd highest total points in three games!

    Love you!


  9. WOW!!! Papa congrats!!! Did mama let you win? Naaaaaaa not mama.. love you all too…and wish I were there too…but enjoy Tam while you have her…because missing her hurts! 😉

  10. you all are so sweet, and such a blessing to me, you all inspire me to keep moving on this road, and its is hard sometimes, but even through the tears I have to say ..HE is so worth it!..Love you my family!!

    ( I always wanted a family just like you!)

  11. This is so inspiring! Have you found “the family” yet? You will have to blog about it and keep us updated! This is truly being the church!!

  12. I love your heart, Darla.

    I’ll be praying for Him to lead us. Thank you.

  13. Darla, you and I really do have a simular heart in helping the poor and needy. I LOVE your ministry idea, and If I lived near you I’d so want to be a part of it! God Bless you as you reach out these families. You already are being His hands and feet and He is VERY proud of you!

  14. “Brandy- Love you girl….still bumming that I missed you in Oregon by a few short months! ”

    Next time you go have a layover in Bismarck! 😆

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