Can we talk?

My heart has been heavy for some time, and although I come in and out of it, I come back to the same thing. So many are claiming Christ, and living in defeat.  There is victory in Jesus, and if we are not experiencing it, then guess who  isn’t cooperating??  Jesus did not promise us a life without problems, HE didn’t promise us an easy road to HIM, HE didn’t promise that we would always have some stupid smile on our face. This is NOT our home, we live in a fallen world…

We are not greater than our Master-John 13:16

In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world-John 16:33

But what HE has promised the believer is;

I will finish the work I started in you-Philippians 1:6

I am coming back for you, you are not an orphan without a home-John 14:18

Here is where my heart gets heavy, so many offer so much advice, and yet the crisis of unbelief seems to be a blanket in which to hide and study our pain, we somehow start to worship our own pain…there is something very twisted in that, and not from God.  HE gives us wings to soar over our pain, HE touches and heals the heart, HE loves with an everlasting love, and yet we are caught dwelling on what we can not change, instead of believing HIM that trials and sufferings teach us more about HIM, and also share in HIS sufferings, and still most of us will not be called to die for HIM, yet we wallow in our suffering as if we are called to put out more than HE.  In the words of Mama Beth (Beth Moore), Its time to stop wishing and whining, and start believing and receiving! AMEN!? Amen

When’s the last time your hurt, and disappointment was turned back to HIM, and just allowed HIM to hold you, just comfort you? The sweetest thing to me is when I allow HIM to hold me…HE is never too busy…I don’t have to wait, HE’s already here…and HE has no time constraints…holds us as long as it takes, days to months to years…does it take away the pain of it all, not always…but it does give us the power and strength to look it in the face and rise above it…Thats the promise…as my heart breaks for the hurting…we have no other choice..we need to believe and then recieve.  Praying tonight for your hearts to find healing, and comfort in Christ. And then to just turn around and hide in HIM, feel the waltz, and let HIM hold you as long as it takes.

If you have time listen to this by Natalie Grant- Held, and just close your eyes and waltz with HIM, let HIM hold you and hold you and hold you..experience this..



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28 responses to “Can we talk?

  1. “In Him” again huh?

    Oh yes to be “In Him” … I love just falling into his arms. Letting him wrap me up and just hold me.

    The other day in Discipleship Class one of the other men was praying for another man. His words “God I think you for the injury to Don’s back, that he can use it not to wallow in, but use it for your Glory. Use it to show people how to overcome suffering” Just and amazing prayer…Can you be “In Him” in suffering?

    Peace and love sister.

  2. Can you be in HIM in suffering? Yes

    love you Carl, you get it bro!

  3. I often think that what makes religion less of a solace than it should be is our neglect of its experiential aspects.

  4. tam

    mmm- worship our own pain.

    wow. you are SO right. we werent meant for that.

    so many live like that tho. that does cause a heavy heart.

    can you imagine what it would be like if we all lived like the victors we are?! whoa!

  5. True words. True words. IT’S NOT ABOUT US. It wasn’t before we were saved; it isn’t after we’re saved. It’s about Him .. FOR us … and that is everything.

  6. Paul-welcome! you are so right, sometimes we fill ourselves with knowlege and we lack the experience of knowing HIM, walking with HIM, and accepting that HIS ways are not ours.

    Tam-WHOA!! I often wonder the same thing..sometimes we (as people) settle for so much less than what is offered…back to wanting all that HE has.. love you Princess!

    Annie= its not about us, and HE is for us…those are the strongest truths to me..wonder what that looks like when we (as people) truly believe that.. Love you too

  7. When’s the last time your hurt, and disappointment was turned back to HIM, and just allowed HIM to hold you, just comfort you?

    I can’t listen to the video right now (@work) but I am listening to your words! Thanks.

  8. This is what it means to be held, to be loved,
    When everything is taken away…He still holds us.

    Praise Him!

    I find my strength in Him alone.

  9. Living defeated…kinda hard to walk that way? 😆

    Just recently went through some things that were so out of my control….but He is so faithful. He brought me through, and once again, He has the victory.

    ” The sweetest thing to me is when I allow HIM to hold me…HE is never too busy…I don’t have to wait, HE’s already here…and HE has no time constraints…holds us as long as it takes, days to months to years…”

    If we could only model this with eachother….especially the days, to months, to years part…. 😉

  10. Dan

    Tell the believers in Orissa, India who are living in government ‘camps’, having been driven from their burned down homes that Jesus is their dance partner. Tell the father and son who were murdered while sleeping in the rubble of the home that was been destroyed the night before. Talk about victorious living to the believers in Iran, where a law was just passed that makes converting to Christianity a capital offense. Tell it to the little boy in Iraq who, looking up at the man with the gun pointed at him sries “Please don’t shoot, but I can’t deny my Jesus!” And in terms of Christian persecution, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg…….

    “IT’S NOT ABOUT US. It wasn’t before we were saved; it isn’t after we’re saved. It’s about Him .. FOR us … and that is everything.”

    Anybody else see a contradiction in that one? It’s NOT about US,. but about Him FOR us? Where in scripture does it teach that we are the center of God’s existance?

    Sounds like humanism – anyone see Maslow around here?

    “Christianity says,”The end of all being is the glory of God.” Humanism says, “The end of all being is the happiness of man.” ” – Paris Reidhead – Ten Shekels and a Shirt

  11. Dan- i am an active members of the Voice of the Martyrs, I am presently meeting with someone (this week) who actually meets and helps the persecuted church all over the world. For her safety I willnot expose her name on here….but you know the persecuted church knows HIM like this…REAL…Stephen was stoned to death…singing praise…ahhhhhh makes me wonder if in those final hours if HE saw Jesus stand with him and HIS glory was greater than the stoning…

    It is all to the Glory of God..and HE will make HIS presence known to the one who seeks HIS face, and chooses obedience over comfort.

    Dan I don’t see the contradiction..maybe I am not reading it the same or maybe I have a different understanding…But it is all about HIM, and as far as HIM being for us..HE is! we are HIS children, and HE loves us, things are for HIS glory, and honestly that is for me…and to a non-believer that doesn’t make sense..but knowing my God, and living this thing…I do understand that. it doesn’t make it any easier at times, but it is still HIS way, always!

  12. Debs _ not sure I understand what you are saying either…but I know that my love is not anywhere as good as HIS, and even if I could spend days to months to years holding would still leave a void, because HE is the only one who can fill it, and the only one who really sees the big picture..don’t think I answered you….did I?

  13. Dan

    Yes He is for us, but He accomplishes all things first for His glory according the pleasure of His will. The contradiction I saw was the same contradiction I saw when I read the Purpose Driven Life – it ‘said’ on ther first few pages it wasn’t about us but all about Him then proceeded to tell us it was really ALL about us – finding OUR special purpose, according to OUR special SHAPE, etc. Perhaps I am the one reading it wrong. The is a humanistic self-centeredness that has invaded the church that finds it roots more in pop-psychology than in scripture. Anyone born from, I’d say 1960 forward in all likelihood has never know anything but ‘humanistic’ Christianity. So I am not pinging on a person, but the state of the church in America.

  14. Dan- question for you…are you just into calling me names…like “post modern evangelical”, “humanitarian”, not sure if I have been called anything else lately other than the whole “false prophet thing”…? Do you know that through it all…Christ is teaching me to love you? HE is..and I do love you, and I do think for the most part we agree, not sure how you see things that seem to be so harsh. You are my brother in Christ, and I pray to be edifing to you. Have a good day..

  15. didn’t see your last comment before I typed…will read now

  16. Dan- ahhhhh I see what you are saying! *clap* clap*

    I am not a fan of the Purpose Driven life for much of the same reasons, and also you can not master this life in 40 days or less…

    I am glad that you are not calling me names..I was starting to take it personal, and it really is my bad! sorry..

    I couldn’t agree more that the church has lost her way, and is teaching at times a theology that is not of GOd…

  17. wasn’t a question actually….when I read that it just reminded me that we’re all in this for the long haul…I am fully aware that only He can truly minister and fill voids, but this is something I choose to work on in my own walk with the people he has entrusted me with…that’s all. Just looking back at the quote, never too busy, no time constraints, holding someone, in it for the long haul…I was just relating those things on how I want to be in my walk…make sense?

  18. POWERFUL POWERFUL BLOG, sister!! I love it.

  19. Deb- I hear you…those are good thoughts, and how I want it to be too..or as good as it gets in this human body 😉

  20. OCD- thanks, I knew when i saw your pic..that you were going to get me 🙂 love ya

  21. Mmmm. Good words, Darla. I, too, LOVE to allow Him to come wrap His arms around me. I invite Him to lie with me every night when I lay in bed. It’s amazing how fast the cares of the day go away and how quickly I sleep.

    Thank you for this reminder. I choose to live a victorious life in the One Who has already defeated the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you, Prin!

    Glad you enjoy the music on my blog;) LOVE the visual of you ‘rocking out’ as any good, self respecting, Princess would do!!!! 🙂

  22. traciejane

    Hey Darla
    Hope you come visit again! 😉

    I needed John 14:18

    Thank you for these words!

  23. Wow sweetheart, you go girl.

    Great verses and a LOT to think about.

    I love that we can talk about stuff 🙂

  24. Could it be that some live in defeat because they do not know? Hosea 4:6 says that God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (I’m not attacking Darla’s comment about filling ourselves with knowledge. That was a good point.) But we lack the (experiential) knowledge of the purposes and blessings of the Lord. We tend to fill oursleves with ‘knowledge’ about the end times or the past times; but we fail to fill our being with an overflowing knowledge that can only come from the continuous, intimate, constant contact and communion with Him, the lover of our soul.
    We have been given EVERY spiritual blessing (Eph. 1:3) and ALL things pertaining to life and godiliness (2 Pet. 1:3). Glory to God! And love to all you saints who sharpen me in my walk with the Lord.

  25. Right on once again, Princess!

  26. Dan

    The original post had a lot of “Jesus is my dance partner” imagery that is foreign to scripture. My point was that I doubt very seriously if believers in the persecuted church have caught on to that one yet. I know for sure that I never heard even the hint of such a thing from Richard Wurmbrand when I met him in Berlin in the mid 80’s.

    The larger point here might be that we need to conceive of Christ as He is portrayed in scripture – sitting at the right hand of God, once again robed in majesty and glory, awaiting the order to return to Earth, as righteous judge, NOT anyone’s dance partner.

    Nothing personal here either, just saw a need for clarification.

  27. Dan- that was the post before this one.

    I know what you are saying, and still not disagreeing..
    When I studied in depth the attributes, and characteristics of God, HE is just capable to be all those things, not that I would downplay HIS place at the right Hand OF GOD..okay I have been learning through reading the Bible and seeking HIS face both in prayer and Godly counsel, that HE is every single thing I will ever need, and the dance thing may not be for everyone, but sometimes I need HIM to hold me, because HIS comfort, and HIS guidance that helps me to keep my eyes on HIM is truly all I need…whatever way HE choses to draw me in to HIM.

    Do you remember that old Hymn “turn your eyes upon Jesus” ? Did you ever realize that the music is a waltz…very interesting to me…because when I started to experience HIM in different attributes, and when I was totally broken..this song was on my heart, and yes we danced…

    Have a good day brother…

  28. Dan- mt bad again..see how much I am not perfect! you are on the right post.. and I am not! 😆

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