Bus Saga-my 6 1/2 hours a day

6 1/2 hours a day, I am in this….

If this bus could speak…I wonder what stories it would tell, as I have plenty of my own!  Through these doors service to the King begins on a daily basis.

357 different children from the ages of 5 to  18 get on my bus, twice a day. For some of them I am the only smile they will get today.  And after the first week of school each year they truly feel like my children.  Sometimes I could just send them to their room, and other times I could hug them and never let go.

I recently was ill (which is normal for me about twice a year), and was not in the bus for a week.  When I returned this week, these kids were so happy to see me.  I found that strange, and even teased a few.. “okay whatever you want..NO”  But my Kindergarten bus was ecstatic..I mean squeals of delight and echos of “Miss Darla came back”…well yea it made me feel good, but it made it more clear to me how badly children are hurting and really need someone to just love on them even for a few minutes each day.  I got “high fives” “knuckles”, hugs, and singing kiddos on the bus. 

Some of you remember when I started this adventure and could not figure out why God wanted me to do this..and you remember how it all just happened and before I really knew it..here I am!

Now I have a different picture in my mind…Jesus saying..”let the children come to me”…I have 5 year olds who can explain very well what Social Services is, and speak freely of foster care, what the judge said…and are too young to carry a problem with telling you “mommy and daddy are in jail, but maybe later I can go home”…and this life for them, they dont know another.  Lots of children abandoned by thier mothers, one said “when my mom knows what her life is all about, she is going to come back for me..so my dad is kind of sad…but we still have fun”…sad…you don’t have to ask these kids anything, they willingly tell you.

I have a boy about 10 years old has been hard to deal with the first couple weeks, but he is very pleasant on my bus now..he sang to me one day this week, and yesterday showed me a moving cartoon he made in is book…

I don’t seem to have the problems on my bus that lots do, maybe its because I pray for my kids on my bus, maybe its because God rides my bus.  But I do pray that HE won’t let even one of them leave this earth without HIM.  I am believing HE is going to do that.  How beautiful to see HIM love on these ones the world ignores.  “Such is the kingdom of heaven”…



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9 responses to “Bus Saga-my 6 1/2 hours a day

  1. Darla – you KNOW children are so important to papa! If we don’t change soon we will be caling them ‘victims’ rather than ‘children’. Its not fair – it’s not just fair. Papa is so proud of you!

  2. I love your heart, Darla. Those kids are so blessed to have you in their life. God definitely is riding your bus and angels are watching over all in your care.

  3. Dang Darla, you’re making me all teary-eyed! You make me think of Esther and the verse, “For such a time as this.” Wow.

  4. DaRonn

    So cool that you can connect with those kids.

  5. Man.. I wanna ride Darla’s bus…. 😀

    Love ya sis

  6. tam

    i am sitting here crying.

    my heart breaks for them. BUT, it also holds so much hope for them too!

    praising God He sent you to them and IS reaching these young ones through you. thank you darla. thank you!

  7. This post brought tears to my eyes.

    My heart breaks for the kids… but I am glad you are there for them.

    You are in a special position where you can show these kids what love is…

    and make a lot of difference in their lives.

    For some kids, all it takes is one good adult model to make a positive difference in their life. A good experience, a good interaction, an understanding ear — these things mean a lot to them.

    Indeed, I am so glad God put you there.
    For them.
    And for yourself as well.
    You are blessed, my friend.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Papa- I do know your heart in this and thank God that you partner with me in prayer for these kids!

    Michelle- I am blessed to know these kids, and to be able to love on them for a short time

    Ric- AMEN! for such a time as this…thats my heart

    DaRonn- so glad that you have joined me here!

    Ck- okay..if you are ever here..I will take you along on the kindergarten bus.. 😆 they break my heart, and make me laugh everyday.. I should pay them…

    Tam- I think of you often on the bus, I know you would totally get these kids, and they would love Miss Tam!

    Sherma- I am always so glad to see you here…you warm my heart!

  9. Darla, you are an INSPIRATION!!!! Everyone needs more people like you. 🙂

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