Healing, restoration, and a smile

Its been one of hardest weeks, as far as spirituality.  Just a constant up and down of emotions, and choices.  I read a post yesterday that touched my heart more than the author could have ever known.  HE reminded me that we live in a world that is not perfect. And alot of what we experience is also experienced by others.  It seems that when my weeks are tough, old pains seem to surface, and I find myself back at HIS feet, asking why?  I have forgiven, I have repented, I have chosen YOU, and at these times the pangs and the mind seem to run rampant.  While reading this gentlemans post, I came face to face with Jesus and how HE truly felt my pain and yours as a man, sinless, all GOD in bodily form. 

 As I was confronted again with the past, I was also in the shadow of HIM.  HE spoke to my heart…”I was there, I know what you felt, I felt it too. I know every tear you cried, I cried too.   I know your anger, death angered me too.  It was not supposed to be this way, Sin did this…not ME.  What I was doing was building the bridge to bring you back to where your heart will never feel these things again.  Now believe ME.”

Jesus heals and restores, and puts a smile back on my face and in my heart.  HE just seems to do it a piece at a time, and as each piece surfaces…HE requires me to talk it out with HIM.  See, I have been praying for resurrection power over my heart, and HE says “Come, let me heal that”.

If you are not reading any of the Bible study entries on John, I want to encourage you to do it.  And please please please do not miss this post on the NorEasters blog.  Incredible!  (oh and don’t just lurk…leave the man some comment luv!)



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8 responses to “Healing, restoration, and a smile

  1. Father, I pray a blessing for my sister, my friend.

    Reading this post, I stop to thank you for her dedication to you. I pray that as you have spoken to her about what YOU wanted versus what IS, help her to know that YOU are the author and finisher of her faith.

    Bless her in her going out and coming in.

    Increase her as you restore her.

    Fill her with your peace – for the BATTLE IS NOT HERS, but YOURS.

    Your fellow soldier,

  2. tam


    again and again i marvel at your ability and willingness to ‘let’ God mold you. even if it hurts and dredges up pain.

    you are so strong in Him. His strength in you is so evident.

    your words today have left me speechless…

  3. DaRonn

    It is nice when you have lost your smile or joy and look for it all day Jesus knows where to find it.

  4. We all have days like that – the enemy seeks us out and trys to devour. Christ is always there. Love you and pray for you each day.

  5. TheNorEaster


    It is very encouraging to me to know that I have had a postive impact upon your life. There are times I get discouraged because I don’t always see that, and there are times I need to see it. To know that I am useful to Him and to others through my own storms.

    Thank you very much for the encouragement.

  6. DaRonn

    Hey Darla,


    Read your site and seems like your a cool person. Thanks for commenting.

    RYC: Yes that first comment is me talking to me. I figure why not make a comment about my own post?

  7. God is always good! Even if I can’t see it or understand it, I know it! I know HE will not bring us to something HE won’t see us through…that to me is goodness.

    DaRonn- I loved your site will add you later to my blogroll…thanks for visiting me!

    Nor- you are precious to my heart, and I know that through you God, moved on my heart and has become healing some things I didn’t even realize was there..more goodness!

    Papa- knowing you and mama are praying for me is priceless to me..thank you! love you

    Tam- you are the sweetest thing! you do help me to see things in me that I may not otherwise see…and knowing you love me is GOODNESS!

    Bajan- you and me brutha! we are on this road..and the enemy is big and loud..but Praise GOD HE is bigger, and always here with us..as hard as it gets at times. I still wouldn’t want to be any other place. Luv U bad 😉

  8. When you first posted this yesterday, I wasn’t quite “feeling” the peace yet…still a bit on the rebellious side of pain. So I couldn’t really comment and say, “Amen!”

    I think I’m closer now to seeing Him in it all. Sometimes I think I’ve got it understood, and then I’m thrown for a loop with a new realization. But He is there, I’m not alone, He has the power to save.

    He doesn’t like what I’ve been through anymore than I do. It makes Him angry and He is ready for complete restoration. I’m praying for it, for you, for me…

    Amen, Darla!!! He loves us!

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