New Day

Its a new day…HIS mercy is new everymorning.  Ready…set…GO!



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14 responses to “New Day

  1. Good Morning Brother Ric! I am thankful this morning that HIS mercy is new every morning! I always seem to need a truck load! 😉

  2. God drives a big truck I bet. I am thinking it would be blazing white.

    BEEP BEEP BEEP… Back up the Semi…

    Can’t you here him saying.

    “Got a load of mercy for Mrs Darla… Anyone here named Darla?”

    😉 😀 😆

    Peave and love sis.

  3. Good morning daughter! praying you have a good day! Just keep on truckin !!

  4. ck- 😆 truck loads in daily deliveries! yup that would be me!

    Papa- thank you for your prayers…bus’in is me … no more engineering/quality assurance things..bus driving, and doing it because HE wants me too. HE does know best, I will post an update later on my bus saga 😉

  5. Good Morning Miss Darla…..hope you have a fabumundo day! Loves yous!

  6. Seneca said: “One should count each day a separate life”. Which is a good way of looking at things, I feel.

  7. Hoverfrog- funny I was truly thinking about 30 minutes ago that I haven’t visited you for along time…my bad…I will do it now! 😉

    each day a seperate life, well a new start anyway..I love new starts and another chance to get it right! 🙄

  8. tam

    dang. im late to the happy morning post.

    well. it was a great day here for me. God and i had some fun!

    love you princess. always!

  9. Needing this pic today…

    Love you, Darla.

  10. Good morning, dear Sister!

    What a lovely pic you have.

    So calming…
    So peaceful…
    Like hugging a good friend.

    Hugs from me to you! They’re warm, like our pandesal.

    (Pandesal is a kind of bread. It’s the morning breakfast of most Filipinos. Plus coffee, of course!)
    😉 Love you!

  11. Debs, Michelle- glad this was good for you…HIS mercy/compassions are new every morning…and thats good enough for me!

    Tam!- sweetness you are never late, however sometimes you are early for the next “good morning” still love it!

    Sherma- LOVE YOU! I am always thrilled to hear from you…”like hugging a good friend” and of course COFFEE!

  12. traciejane

    I need this to go from my head to my heart!

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