A present for Mandy (its her birthday!!)


Happy Birthday, Miss Mandy ( you are much more than “just a girl”),

I have been reading Mandy’s blogs for more than an year.  She is funny, she is fun, she is deep at times (which always scares me LOL), she is soft and beautiful, She is also a daughter of the KING of Kings, a Princess, and loved by me!

So happy birthday girl, the best is yet to come, and praying today all the good things I can think of for you, as if it was for me. 

Please go and give her some birthday wishes, and some love from me too!  Unlike Tam, I haven’t mastered the whole time travel thing.  But I am trying!



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6 responses to “A present for Mandy (its her birthday!!)

  1. Gone and done it!

    You have a good day, Darla! 😉

  2. Scares you??? LOL!

    Thank you for these kind words, Darla. Really…

  3. Mandy just kidding..girl you make me think plenty…brain drain scares me! 🙄

  4. I hadn’t even started my career at 30 – now i have been retired drawing a pension from that career for over 14 years! arrrgh – time goes so fast!

  5. tam

    this is so sweet! darla, you are so good with the sweetness and warmth.

    whereas i have been doing my best to haggle her all day.

    its a gift.

    yes. my gift to mandy!

  6. Tam= together we offer her the best of both worlds! 😆 love you Princess..you are a good friend..to both me and Mandy pants..wow! you are multi-tasking!! you go girl!

    papa- can you be any sweeter?? I am hooked on it..watch it

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