My Garden of Sanctification

The rock sticking out in the corner has been my seat in this cathedral for most of my life. This is where I learned the most.  Its still where I run to when I can’t think, and when I hurt, and when I am desperate to hear God’s voice.

I missed the fall colors when I took these pictures, and was so bummed that it was leftover colors when there, HE reminded me we were in a drought, and I was still seeing more color than most..was that enough for me?  Yes, the colors were awesome. The perfect world is yet to come.

Always stop here first, and pray.  Like coming home.  HE romanced me here long before I knew HIM. And through every disappointment, and fear, HE comforted me, and gave me a new perspective, HIS perspective.  This is my true church.

HE planted each tree, HE grew them, and colored them perfectly. And HE knew HE would use it to draw me to HIM.  That is the kind of GOD HE is!  All part of the plan. Do you know HE does the same for you?

This is the entrance to the seat overlooking HIS Grandeur, displaying HIS majesty.  Its very narrow, and little risky, it can easily be missed unless you know that it is there, but oh so worth it.  Sort of like the walk I have with HIM now. 

This is the wide path that will take you to the river if you stay on it, not a bad path, the views are okay, and there is not anything wrong with sitting along the river, I generally end up there, its steep to come back up, but missing the small path is really missing the whole picture. 

Do you have a place to go that the world can not invade? No distractions, No noise, silence…a place where God can speak and you most definitely will hear? I am praying that for you today.  I drive 40 minutes to get here, I worship with music the whole way, and then just HIM and me, my Bible, and usually tissues…since HE has opened my tear ducts( I didn’t cry my childhood, it was a sign of weakness), I can cry a river. 

HE calls us to the secret pray and to be blessed.  Matthew 6:5-15  and this is how you should pray… “our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed is thy name (meaning Holy is your name)…”

Tell me about your place…even if its just a closet..HE honors that too!  

A sticky note from God…  Blessed are you, (enter your name), who seeks my face…come, I want to spend time with you…



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22 responses to “My Garden of Sanctification

  1. My place is the car on a long drive. Sometimes I feel as if I were born with a steering wheel in my hand.
    I seldom turn on the radio and I definitely have my phone turned OFF.
    There have been many times when I have had to pull over, because I could no longer see through the tears.
    Tears of joy. Tears of repentance. Tears of sadness. They always come as the Father speaks to me.
    I can get so lost in worship in the car that, if I am intending to go somewhere specific, I can miss a turn.
    But, my life is in His hands, and He leads me where I need to go.

    Thank you for the pix. They’re great.

  2. “Always stop here first, and pray. Like coming home. HE romanced me here long before I knew HIM. And through every disappointment, and fear, HE comforted me, and gave me a new perspective, HIS perspective. This is my true church.”

    I LOVE YOUR CHURCH!!! It’s likr He made that place just for you! I want one!! I will be on the look out for my special retreat!

  3. My car, on the way to work, used to be my place to commune with God. Lately, it’s been my home, my bed, the couch and my heart. I go to the park from time to time and experience God in all His creation and greatness; praise Him with the trees and the waterfalls but haven’t done that in a couple of weeks.

    Your Church is beautiful. I’d love to go there with you one day if you’re willing to share 🙂 Love you

  4. There is a stool at the island in the kitchen. Where I sit and pray and soak up his word. Where he finds me everyday. My family knows and sees me in Him. The beauty you see in your spot I see in my home. When my wife smiles, and the kids laugh. Pure Joy. In love and discipline he is there. We invite Him in.

    Peace Sister

  5. GCH- I would share anything with you, and most definitely if you come to visit sometime, I will take you. Love you precious! I will put up your tag later today! 😉

    CK- I have a place like that in my home as well. I am very good with my family seeing me study the word, pray, and also do it with them as well. Sometime I need to sit and let HIM do the directing and the talking..and in HIM I find my refuge, maybe that is just a girl thing? But I know at times I am desperate to retreat with only HIM, because HE is everything that is good to me…and I am a better person after I do it. Love ya, hope your day is going well!

  6. Selena- you wanna come share my church too? I will pray that God will give you a special place taylored just for you! HE can do anything! love you avatar..I was refreshing my page the other night when your pic changed and flipped..LOL I thought something was wrong with my computer til I saw it was you…I love that whole unpredictable thing you have going on! love you Princess

  7. A path by the river in the town I’m living in these days. I pray as I walk along, surrounded by the beauty of His creation, and after a while He answers my questions; solves my problems; lets me know what I need to do.

    And tissues are handy for me too. 🙂

  8. anotherlostsheep- I hear you! that is so my God, and somehow HE honors that we would leave our home and just seek HIM out one on one…HE has always spoken to me if I make time to meet HIM. Love ya brother!

  9. Beautiful, Darla!! How I wish we had something close in this big, loud city called Dallas.

    I can’t walk like I used to so now I make it to the backyard and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies. In the summer, I float on my back in the pool and watch the stars come out, the water in my ears drowning out the traffic noise. Daily, it’s in my bed with this silly laptop, praying for all my friends I’ve met in the world.

    Love you!

  10. For me it is being alone. Rarely out in nature. That sounds funny saying it like that but I think I am too distracted by the painting to see the painter. My/Our place is sometimes my den, sometimes my cubicle (which is really a miracle in and of itself… that God would hang out in a cubicle…he was probably there even when I didn’t believe in him), and most often (drum roll) the bathroom. yep.

  11. I head to the beach when I really need to get away. I will walk for awhile, sit and read for awhile, pray, and just sit and listen to what God is trying to tell me. The sound of the waves hitting the shore seems to calm me when my anxiety level is going beserk and I leave there with a sense of peace. i just might go do that after work tomorrow since it has been awhile!

  12. Michelle and Ric- HE is awesome to meet us anywhere..and like you said (Ric) I believe HE was there even when you didn’t believe..trying to get your attention. I definitely believe any place alone with HIM is worth it. Love you both!

    Ramsey- I have a thing about the water too, that just is the best stress reliever. I also believe HE is in that! Knowing when HE created it, that there would some of us, who would go there for that purpose and once again HE provides. How awesome is that?!! love you girl!

  13. I need someplace … desperately… I don’t have a place where I can have alone time…. I try it at home on my bed, but I don’t have someplace to escape to like that.

    I know he can meet us anywhere, but I know the power of a special secret place with Him.

  14. bajan- my prayers are with you, and now I am praying for a special secret place for you and HIM to have restoration time…I know HE will give it to you. I am covering you, and fighting your battle here I will email you again later today, I promise. love you my brother, don’t stop fighting the good fight…its painful and its hard, but its worth it!

  15. Darla: This is absolutely beautiful! My place is also by the river….a special spot I found a few years back, I have yet to run into anyone when there….

    Thank you for this, beautiful!

  16. Beautiful Darla, these scenes are exquisite. What an amazing thing to worship Him as you enjoy what He created.

    Places I meet with God? In nature, like you, in beautiful, peaceful churches, and in a special corner of our home with a cup of coffee 🙂

  17. bajan-God will deliver you, you are the apple of HIS eye, HE never abandons you, this is not in our strength but HIS..keep calling on your Abba! He does not fail us! I will email you shortly.

  18. Oh my. Do I have a place? I need one. Can I borrow yours? That is an AMAZING view. Love your heart. (I have to smile at how you speak of HIM. So much love. 🙂 )

  19. 40 minutes away…is that the Susquehanna?

    I built my place in the backyard; doesn’t have quite the view as this; but is hallowed ground nonetheless.

  20. Bad, yes it is! its in Holtwood/Pequea area…I used to live in that yard…and also down across from Peachbottom..agreed that is holy ground!

  21. Wow! That is an amazing spot. Awesome.

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