Authentic Christianity?

Last night I had a Doctors appointment. On my way, I passed a church with this on the sign.. “Authentic Christianity”  just two words that pulled me.  What do you think when looking at those two words?

The other church that I passed had this on their sign… “If you see a Bible that is falling apart, you find a life thats not”… Does this bring any spiritual giants to mind from your life?



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13 responses to “Authentic Christianity?

  1. Dale Hill

    Authentic Christianity is an (almost) inane term; but one that is totally necessary in light of today’s greasy grace mentality.
    Too many people are quite content to simply be saved from hell to go to heaven in the sweet by and by, buthaven’t a clue about the life necessary to get there.
    The “authentic Christians” will soon be called on to show the world who Jesus really is, and it will be the “plastic Christians”–those that were formerly termed ‘nominal’–who will not see Him.

  2. HW

    The Bible thing… my dad’s Bible… the pages were worn thin, and it had to be opened oh so carefully. My dad loved the Lord.

  3. Dale glad to see you comment. I agree..Revelations calls us to be overcomers, and therefore we should show an authenticity that is odd to the world. you also have a great site, and will link to it later today! Peace Brother

    HW- i have some people who have joined my cloud of witnesses as well..Bibles looking so tattered, and their lives radiated my LORD. love you have been through some rough times, and God will show you some Glory..just keep watching for it!

  4. My grandfather’s bible. And talk about authentic Christianity — he exhibited love in abundance.

    I miss him.

    Hope you get to feeling better. Praying for you…now…

  5. Our church says “Free Coffee Friday”

  6. I’m awake… 4:30am is better than 2:00am…. I think.

    Authentic Christianity? Wow tough to define and achieve. Alot of the problem is the we look to people of this world as examples of how to live. Then we lose sight of the one that we should be looking to. Jesus.

    Scott… Is it atleast a good Sumatran blend or Sanka?

  7. We have never stopped for coffee…but I am praying that they are not giving those neighbors decaf…just saying.. 😉

  8. Authentic Christianity to me is when we ask Christ to do it through us as we abide in Him.

  9. Selena- my thoughts too! 🙂

  10. Carl – I’ve had the coffee at our church, I hope the get them on the first time through 😆

  11. tam

    both my bibles are a mess. but i must honestly say that i dont “feel” like both my bibles are falling apart. not in the context of this post. ya know? i have so, so, so much to learn. and am loving the process of it, that is for sure!

    coffee and church goes together like peaches and cream! perfect!

  12. My Bible … isn’t too worn. I wonder about that. But a lot of it is literally written in my head … and I use computer programs a lot too. Still … I think I could use a lot of work.

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