Am I leaving a Legacy?….

While reading Papa’s post, I was reminded of this song, and a time when on my knees, prayed for this to me..leave this kind of legacy.  So thank you Papa for your wisdom that flows on to me, and reminds me why I do this…



Nicole Nordeman

Woven and Spun


I don’t mind if you got something nice to say about me

and I enjoy an accolade like the rest

you could take my picture and hang it in a gallery

with all the who’s-who and so-and-so’s

that used to be the best as such-and-such

It wouldn’t matter much


I won’t lie, it feels alright to see you name in lights

we all need an ‘atta boy’ or ‘atta girl’

in the end I’d like to hang my hat on more besides

the temporary trappings of this world


I want to leave a legacy

How will they remember me

Did I choose to love?

Did I point to you enough

to make my mark on things

I want to leave an offering

a child of mercy and grace

who blessed your name unapologetically

and leave that kind of legacy


Don’t have to look to far or too long

to make a lengthy list of that I enjoy

its an accumlating trinket in treasure pile

with moth and rust, thieves and such

will soon enough destroy

(back to chorus)

Not well traveled, not well read

not well to do, or well bred

I just want to hear instead

“well done, good and faithful one”

(back to chorus)



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7 responses to “Am I leaving a Legacy?….

  1. I’ve never heard this song before, but I sure know the desire.

    Thanks for sharing it, Darla. 😉

  2. “did I point to you enough …” That is a challenge that I keep asking myself. It is really what my blog is all about. Jesus, please help papa.

  3. Papa you do a wonderful job of pointing to Jesus with real life applications..I know when I come there I will recieve something from the Lord to ponder on..soooo yes you are pointing to HIM, and I am blessed because of it! ♥ you and mama

  4. Tanya

    I was blessed to see Nicole Nordemen at a Women of Faith confrence some years ago. It was so awesome. We do need to keep a legacy. God bless you twin sister. Love ya from Tanya

  5. “well done, good and faithful one”

    Those words… I long to hear

    Love ya sis

  6. Great song! I am challenged by it every time i hear it.

  7. Tanya- hey twin sis! 😆 i saw her there too and again at the Bible College near me..the most amazing thing is that she had the people close there eyes, and sing come let us adore him…and silently left during the worship..just like that..beautiful!

    CK- I long to hear it too..I believe we will..pressin on…

    Ramsey- long time girlfriend! I am challenged by this too…and try to keep it in the front of my “darla what are you doing?? girl you better love a little more.. 😆

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