My weekend has filled up already..leaving me only time to hang with my man!  I do love that.  I  have tons of studying to do,  and working this weekend as well.  All my spare time this weekend belongs to the man.

What are you doing this weekend?

If you had only  eight free hours in a 48 hour period, and not all at once…what would you choose to do?

See ya Monday!



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21 responses to “Weekends!

  1. This weekend we’re putting a new counter top in the kitchen! Sounds like work but we enjoy it.

    48 free hours, huh?…hmmm…. Sing? Run away? so many options.

  2. This CRAZY gas situation is putting a damper on my ENTIRE LIFE!! I hate our economy.

    But, if I had free hours I LOVE to spend it w/my horse or go for a jog or a bike ride or …. the ultimate….. TAKE A NAP!! 🙂

  3. mmmm naps, what’s a nap?

  4. Yeah… So I wonder if Carl will pull a Brent and ignore me for a week… Hmmmm

  5. Figured you could use the smile…

    Love ya sister.

  6. Carls blog is awesome! and you did make her smile! 😉

  7. PSST…. Hey..

    … Check out the post Carl just put up.

  8. spend with hubby…every minute….definately…you and i are alike that way….Love you

  9. Read. I haven’t read a good book in 3 months. I used to finish at least one book a week. Hmmm…

  10. I’d say go home and spend time with my folks… esp. with my nephews, but that’s 6 hours travel time each way. I’d need at least 24 hours of free time to do that. 😦

  11. 48 hours?

    vaca with my man.

    Haven’t been since our honeymoon. It would be nice.

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