Blogging Bible Study-John 9 (God showing some GLORY)


John 9


Healing the Man Born Blind


1As He passed by, He saw a man blind from birth. 2And His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he would be born blind?” 3Jesus answered, It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him. 


I could not get past this statement.  “Who sinned?”  How many people still see things this way?  I went through some things a couple of years ago that devastated me, and thinking of Godly counsel, and needing some…I recieved a similar question.  “Darla, do you have any unconfessed sin in your life?”  WHAT!! I am not saying that sin does not cause trouble of its own. In that particular instance I was walking closely with the Lord, and very confused as to what was happening in my life and why. I turned to the Word, and here is some of the things I found.

Isaiah 46:8-11…(ADV)(applied Darla version) God does what He pleases, and HIS plans will be carried out.

Jeremiah 1:5…(ADV) God knew me before HE formed me and placed me in the womb.

Job 38 and following…(ADV) who are you to question the plan of God, and who are you to decide what HE will use for HIS glory…

Gensis 50:20 ..You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to be accomplished, what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

What I should have been told was “girl you are set up to see HIS Glory”! And HIS Glory I saw! HE took the broken pieces and rebuilt them into something more beautiful and much stronger than ever before…for a reason like today…for HIS Glory!


There is much in this chapter to look at, the leaders who refuse to acknowlege the first time that a blind man has been healed, who was born blind.  His parents who were more concerned with being kicked out of the church than to speak up for their son.  Instead, “let him speak for himself, he is of age”.

Jesus displaying HIS deity again, and no one was getting it.  no bowing before HIM, they missed it…they missed HIS Glory.

I do not want to be blind, I want to see HIS glory.  I learned to beg for it, when I don’t understand, and when life looks like its useless…Show me Your Glory!  HE has not promised us perfect health, or perfect anything..HE promised not to leave us, and HE promises to have a plan, and all for HIS glory.  Are you blind? or can you see? Its not about us, its all about HIM!


(today Carl is also up with his post on this chapter, and the rest of the group will follow each day this week, make sure to visit them and collect insights..good stuff! everyone is on my sidebar, under Carl’s bloggin Bible Study.  If you want to jump in just let Carl know.)



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24 responses to “Blogging Bible Study-John 9 (God showing some GLORY)

  1. AMEN!!!

    Speaking from a place of illness and having had this question asked of me MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT…thank you.

    God has purposes we just don’t see. He has ways of bringing about His glory that don’t make sense to us. I was thinking of the patriarchs and the kings a few days ago. You know, David, Abraham, Jacob, Solomon all did some “bad” things and did suffer some consequences for them, but overall they are considered men who loved God. Joseph, who did not do ANYTHING wrong was sold into slavery and spent time in jail…all for His glory.

    His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts.

    I think I had some things to say. 😳
    Thanks, Darla.

  2. Bring on HIS GLORY!

    Getting up again,

  3. Here’s something interesting: Judges 20:16 “Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss.”

    Benjamin means “son of the right hand”, but the men mentioned above were left-handed Benjamites! Hmmm.

    The point is, things do happen, and God gets the glory. We too often look for answers to questions that have no relevance. In your study (very good, BTW), you brought out the fact Jesus said no one sinned. God got the glory because Christ displayed His awesome power.

    There are a few messages I’ve had the privilege to preach to my congregation if you would care to look.

  4. I always get a kick out of this chapter! We just don’t get it. When young people, teenagers, make bad decisions we start looking for blame – usually we lay it at the parents feet – hey, sometimes its just bad decisions! Stay away from the blame game! If you have to go there, go to the source – satan. We need to focus on Christ and help others focus on him.

  5. Michelle- I have heard that before more time than I choose to remember…people casting fault, when sometimes it is all part of the plan to show God’s glory..something to think on…God is always in control…so even times of sin can be turned into something that will show HIS glory..

    Bajan- thrilled that you are getting up!!! You, my friend, are set up to see God’s glory! No doubt!

  6. Preacherpen- welcome…just briefly looked at your blog, and when I have some more time…I will be back and comment. thanks for stopping hoping to see more of you.

    Papa-staying away from the blame game 😆 no good there!

  7. “Gensis 50:20 ..You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to be accomplished, what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

    I just so needed to be reminded of that today!!!

    “Jesus displaying HIS deity again, and no one was getting it. no bowing before HIM, they missed it…they missed HIS Glory.”

    I don’t want to miss it Darla…His glory, His face, His splendor all of it…

    I have absolutely no problem bowing low and STAYING THERE, until He Himself is the lifter of my head.

    Good stuff…

    Love you!!!

  8. tam

    thank. you.

    its not about the illness – its about what HE’S doing in and through it! its all about Him, not me (us). do as You will!

  9. Amen Tam, Amen…sometimes we are just so human we miss the point..HIS awesome that we get to be the vessel that will be used in HIS glory.

  10. tam

    yes, yes, yes. and verses like you posted are life giving words on days like today for me!

    so beautiful. so trustworthy. so comforting. i just throw my hands up and say…its all YOU GOD. ALL. YOU!!!

  11. It is ALL HIM!!!! YAYAY

    And Darla dear

  12. PeregrinJoe

    Darla: Great post! It’s all about His glory.

  13. Hello.. is this thing on…

    Oh wow there is this new thing called the World Wide Web…

    Hello can anyone hear me?

    PS… IT is about his glory. No power yet I am at work today.

  14. Hey Miss Darla! Have a wonderful day….Praying for you! Love you!

  15. Whew hew… Sitting at work under the white florescent lights… I would rather be soaking in his glory by candle light with the family.

    Love ya sis.

  16. Good thoughts, Darla! Sorry I’m so late getting to this!

  17. How awesome to be born just to show God’s glory.

    Wait, I was…… Hmmmmmmm.

  18. I laughed at the blame factor (who sinned). Yeah, a lot of people think this way…in fact, I think every one does at some time.

    I really read this, and re-read it. I even busted out my greek new testament. I couldn’t read it as Jesus saying, “God created/caused this man to be blind so that I could heal him and be glorifyed.” Sure, he was created for glorifying God…we all were. But God used this “s#@t happens” (sorry, no easier way to say it) situation for his glory.

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