Saturday-Love it!

Because Saturday comes before Sunday (yes, I am a smrt one), I like to get things done so that Sunday is funday, full of rest, family, and reflection on the many blessings God pours out on me.  HE has asked us to keep one day aside for HIM, so although we could debate the saturday/sunday which is the sabbath…I choose Sunday due to its the day I go to church.  (wow that was a bunny all still with me?)

Here are some things I did today?

I made some chili sauce from tomatoes from my Mil’s garden, so of course I had to make homemade chili! and what is chili without cornbread?  Yes, Hubs has a happy belly now.

My hubs works a lot of hours, and plays in two bands not including the praise team at church…Love him, but it doesn’t look like I do…with that hair so wild and looking like he crawled out of bed two seconds ago…

YUP! I shaved his head…I love it! Mr. Clean is my favorite!  He really does like it, and it was his idea…I have done this before.  I just love some bald men..if I didn’t drink so much coffee, I would try the straight edge..but I am thinking I should leave that to the professionals.

Went shopping for household things, and had frappicinos with my Trina, and some light cleaning…

Now I need to make a seating chart for elementary kids (61 on my elementary bus), they really need a seat, and I really  need to know all their names. Seems I only ever know the naughty ones…and a couple of the quiet ones…this week I am going to know them all! Yes, simple things make me happy!  Home made food, shaving hubs head, and seating kids so I can find them. 

What did you do today?



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19 responses to “Saturday-Love it!

  1. i’m thinkin i should have knocked off a liquor store on my way home 😆


  2. you had better not! 😯 you do look alot different from one pic to the next …my Mr. Clean! hahahaha 😆

  3. man, that chili sure looks good!

    Thanks so much for checking in on us with the hurrican evacuation! Our stayed intact, but there is no electricty. We will be headed back home in a few days. Thanks for the prayers!

  4. selena, i think of you lots, and everytime, I pray for you and yours…you are just my kind of people! love ya sister! glad you all are okay, and that your house is fine!! Praise God!

  5. I like Scotts haircut!! Mama is sad!! She said; “His hair was so pretty! i liked his pretty curls!” I want some of that chili and cornbread!

  6. Mama, i could mail it to you 🙂

  7. The chili looks great! I’m starved…I think we’re having subway sandwiches.

    What did I do today? Same as most days…we need haircuts, but I think I’ll go to someone who uses scissors…I do want to have some left!!! 😉

    Love you, Darla!!!

  8. Nice Hair YA Ole’ Geezer Lol JK

  9. I just CHILLED… AFTER my two mile run and grocery shopping…then I chilled and slept for about two hours….oh how I love my Saturday’s…. AND Sunday’s.. 🙂

    BTW/that chili looks YUUMMMYY!

  10. This was a cool post Darla. I always enjoy glimpses into folks’ lives. Your husband looks pretty cool. I would love to hear any of his music. Does he have a webpage with any tunes on it?

    What did I do today? Cleaned the house with my wife, played legos with my son, and then the fam and I had dinner at my dad’s. Pretty nice day. Now just checking in on the digital world.

  11. Nate, check to listen to mp3 clips from our cd’s.

  12. Mary P

    great hair cut – i do enjoy seeing a man willing to let the wife have at it with the clippers.

  13. Thanks Praise,
    I’m on my way.

  14. How nice! You sound like such a good homemaker. 🙂 It’s not my strong suit, so … I notice. 🙂 God bless!

  15. Girl,

    You were very busy and look what you accomplished!! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to visit but hopefully things will calm down soon. Have a great week.


  16. Leah- I am the same..but think of you often, and love love love YOU!

  17. You gonna make some chilli while I’m there????? YAYA!!! Scott looks REALLY not happy…he needs to smile!!! 😆 THis is great!

  18. A good bowl of chili sounds very good, even in this summer heat. Now, I eat mine like this: cornbread goes in the bottom of the bowl, and chili on top. Next, the hand-powered spoon mixes it all together. I think it’s time for my bride to cook up a pot of chili.

    BTW, Saturday is for those things you mentioned, but football needs to be thrown in there somewhere. 🙂

  19. Preacherpen my son is on my side bar..Derek…he does not miss football…if he could watch a few at one time he would be very happy! chili sauce is best made from fresh tomatoes…a little more work…but well worth it…and then freeze some for those cold winter months!

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