Don’t forget– 911..


Don’t forget this…I know that some of you do not know anyone who was affected by this, but do you know people?  People who were not military, were killed for no other reason than that they were American.  Do you realize if homeland security is lessen instead of strengthened, it will happen again, maybe near you or your loved ones. 

The Lord is our hope, an ever present help in trouble times!

The children I had on my bus in elementary did not have a clue that it even happened…wake up! They are already forgetting…

Pray a prayer for these families who will never forget…and the ones who felt the fear..and watched silent skies…wondering if it was finished or not… This is our country, and we have become the saddest excuse for one…we don’t even care about each other, much less people we don’t know.  It saddens me…and I pray for God to have mercy on us…I would love for you to join me in that prayer.

My family will never forget 911, we will never forget how it swepted through our lives, and left us changed.  If not for Jesus being my HOPE,  I wonder if i would forget too, just to wipe it out of the memory, instead of looking in its face.

Where were you when this happened? and what did you do?

I called my husband..watched it on tv as it happened…and ran out to gather my children and bring them home with me…we huddled on the floor weeping and praying…and my son was 5 years old, and by the time I reached him, he already heard that “bad people were flying planes into buildings”…he prayed first and led the way for the rest..the faith of a child.  so tell me…where? and what?



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16 responses to “Don’t forget– 911..

  1. Wake up, America.

    Forgetting will only cause more of the same.

    Thanks, Darla.

  2. Thank you so much for this Darla… Is there really anything more important today than looking past ourselves and just remembering for the sake of it not happening again? So that no more lives are lost?? Are we so numb and consumed with self that we really can’t see that God is trying to get our attention? Can we just take a few minutes away from ourselves and pray……I’m with Michelle…wake up America…

  3. I know where I was…I actually recounted it on the blog today…I’ll just say here that I remember being in shock most of the day..and then adding to the fact that the training for all of it happened in my area…it was unfathomable!

    I remember…I’ll never forget.

  4. The story of your son gave me tears.

    I was getting ready for work in my apartment in Tulsa. I had the radio on and heard the DJ say something about praying for the people in the World Trade towers. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but it sounded serious, so I turned the TV on. I watched, horrified, fascinated, dumbfounded, questioning throughout the day as events unfolded. I remember hearing about the 4th plane going down over PA and telling people, “I’ll bet someone on that plane heard about the other planes, figured it out, and tried to do something to stop them.” I remember a co-worker of mine said (while we were watching the news), “I’ll bet it was Osama bin-Laden that was behind this.” I didn’t know who the man was at the time, and even now am amazed that this guy figured it out so quickly.

    Time flies. Seven years already. We will never forget. Thank you Darla, for remembering.

  5. I was leaving for work and heard a ‘small’ plane had hit the WTC. I thought ‘how sad’, figuring an inexperienced pilot had flown too low. By the time I got to work another plane was hitting the second tower. I did not know God on Sept 11th, 2001. I was scared and had nowhere to turn. I couldn’t wait to get home to my children and hug them. It was this event, among a few others, that led me to God. I found Christ in December 2001.

    9/11 is a day I will never forget. I have a memorial on my blog and I am so pleased to see this on your blog. I can’t believe how many people haven’t even mentioned it. This day is etched in my mind forever. It seems the world has forgotten, already, how they felt the day the earth, literally, stood still.

    Love you Princess.

  6. ramsey72

    I was at work when I found out. I had actually walked into the office just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower. There were so many emotions that day. That is one day that we should never forget especially in light of the upcoming elections. I also have a memorial post on my blog for today.

  7. love you people!! you are surely my peeps! I am so glad to have a family who remembers this…I never want to think that I can do this world on my own..Jesus is my HOPE! thanks you all rock!

    Annie…did you hijack my blog? 😆 i am sitting here, yes, no , yes..either way I am smiling! good to see you are back.

  8. 😀 no, not exactly. 🙂 Although since it brought you so much joy – go ahead and think so! 🙂 I had 30+ blogs backed up in my Reader from when I was out of town … and 6 of them were yours. (Mandy topped the list with 10. That woman is a blogging fiend.) So … I’m trying to get to them all. Love your blog!

  9. My sister works in NY City. She was facing the twin towers in her office when the second plane hit. (There is more back story to this that I don’t share often)

    Her husband was 5 blocks away when the towers came down.

    They lost one of their best friends in the Towers.

    My brother in-Law works for the Army at the Pentagon. He had a meeting in Washington that morning at another building in the area.

    I remember driving to Lexington the day after, perfectly clear day and not a Jet trail in the sky. Very spooky and freaky.

    Love you all…. Peace

  10. Carl- I remember the empty silent sky too…and it was freaky…we live in a very high traffic area for planes, helicoptors both commerical and military..that was the only time our sky was quiet…and for a long time after we shuddered when one did go over…missed you tons!! I know people too, and mostly my son broke my heart…his fear, and his falling to the floor to pray..was a lesson to me..

  11. I was home. It was nighttime here when it happened. I was… can’t remember what I doing, but I received a text message froma friend… telling me something was gravely wrong. I didn’t own a TV, so I went to my friend’s room. We watched as things unfold…

    We were miles away.. but we were gripped with terror.

    (Missed you, Darla. Hope you are fine!)

  12. i was at work – not a good day. Lots of prayer that day. God cried that day!

  13. Home on the computer. Like Brainy it was my night time and the late tv news had it playing out as the second plane hit.

    i thought of the lady i loved who lives in Pomona NY just miles from the city. She lost close friends that day.

    The thing that struck me most though – was seeing the reactions of onlookers. The unmitigated fear and terror they felt – for the very first time – mostly completely unaware of why. Why us? what have we ever done to deserve this?? The incomprehension…

    what struck me MOST about all that was the thought…. This is a one off event – terrible in it’s scope but all just a one time thing – coming face to face with death not of your own direct causing… and then thinking how many of those people had ever spared a thought for people who live with that kind of horror DAILY. People in Israel and Palestine , Lebanon and Gaza who for reasons beyond their control have their houses and streets bombed either by rockets or by American bought jet fighters and attack helicopters? or suicide bombers!

    Iragi’s and their families who had their capital city ravaged for weeks by cruise missiles and bombers making thousands of sorties, blowing up bridges, tv stations, restaurants, prayer meetings. despite the fact that Saddam had nothing at all to do with 9/11 and had no WMD’s as we were assured of for so long before and after Mar 03.

    What happened on 9/11 was truly abominable – do not misunderstand, but it was not the ‘first shot fired’ in the war of terror – that happened almost a century ago – in Sarajevo, in the former Yugoslavia.

    There have been many many since then which all cumulatively led up to the events of that day.

    I bet almost none who read this remember any of it.

    Funny what we remember most… and what we forget – or don’t care about – until it is ‘too late’.

    R I P all who die – in whatever war, needlessly.

    May we work only for Peace and the rights of all, not just those privileged to live in the US, to live in their own homes free from the fear of death at the hands of others.

    Lest We Forget.


  14. amen, LOVE! Funny thing tho…I have always thought that the priviledged lived in Australia..LOL I mean that,,,if I were to relocate for no other reason than what I think is best..hahaha I would be your neighbor! 😉

  15. I was at college; it was my Sophomore year. I walked into the student center and people were looking at me funny. It’s like they were talking about the planes one minute and the next, pin drop silence. I suppose it had something to do with me being a Muslim [Pakistani] at the time, the only one on campus, and people not knowing how to feel towards me. That’s how I found out what had happened and then I watched the rest on television.

    I cried a lot for the victims and had a hard time watching the planes crash as they played it on tv, every channel, over and over again. My heart truly cried out for all those who suffered and it took me a long time to understand why things like that happened [moreso after I became a Christian and began to see things spiritually vs. naturally].

    I have to admit that other than the sadness concerning the event itself, I was dealing with fear of my own. I received threatening calls in my room and was spat on by some guys at school. I was taken to the college president’s guest house for safety to stay a couple of nights as the anger/confusion subsided. Eventually we had a campus-wide forum to discuss the negative perception this brought on Muslims/Middle-Easterns/South Asians and things went back to “normal.” The funny thing is my Dad called me that morning and told me not to leave my room. I didn’t have a clue why he was saying that until I dealt with the backlash in the proceeding days.

    Love you Darla 🙂

  16. GCH= I am sorry that people treated you like that, I have a very good friend married to a Pakistani man, with 4 wonderful children, people treated them differently for a while too..I never understood that…Terrorism does not have a skin is a very disturbed, and decieved heart. You are absolutely beautiful! I adore you…

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