Blogging Bible Study- John 8 (part 2)

Nicodemus, in John 7, said ,”Does our law judge a man without first giving him a hearing, and learning what he does?”  Interesting that this woman brought before Jesus was brought without witness’ or at least none mentioned, and they hadn’t talked to her at all, at least not mentioned again.  These were not just stones, but rocks to execute…put to death.  THis is not how the Jews were taught, not according to the Torah. 

Jesus writing in the dirt…in the first post I looked at it from the wondering  stance of what did HE write.  But really this is the finger of God writing in the dirt.  As I take that in…my mind becomes so full I can hardly contain it!  Exodus 8:19 the magicians with Pharoah exclaimed that the plagues were the finger of God..  Exodus 31:18 the finger of God writes the ten commandments on the stone tablets…  Luke 11:20..Jesus tells them of driving out demons with the finger of God…  The finger of GOD writes the laws and passing the judgement. 

Although I do not believe we are the Judge, I do believe we are called at times to judge the difference between truth and the lie. Also anything that is standing against the Word of God, not only should we throw a stone at..but it should be stomped under our feet.  We still need to keep each other accountable, and we need to rebuke in love.  Matthew 18 has some ways that sin should be addressed, and again it calls for a witness…

Just some more thoughts on this passage..thanks to Jason for enlightening me! thank you J!



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14 responses to “Blogging Bible Study- John 8 (part 2)

  1. Extra Credit huh…

    God’s fingers are all over our creation.

    What you said is one of the reasons I think he was writing their sins or writing out the commandments They should know the 10 commandments where written with the finger of God, so when he started writing he was referring back to scripture again.

    Love ya sis

  2. wow miss Darla, this is awesome! Well, I guess I won’t be asking J about his thought on John 8, sigh…

    “Although I do not believe we are the Judge, I do believe we are called at times to judge the difference between truth and the lie. Also anything that is standing against the Word of God, not only should we throw a stone at..but it should be stomped under our feet.”

    This is a great truth…

  3. I couldn’t stop….actually this is all just the tip of the chapter, there is so much in it, I am sure i left lots for the others! love you both

  4. It is so easy to judge others – three things happen.

    1. First, we see a wrong committed.
    2. Second, we try to judge as to why it happened.
    3. Third, we pass blame.

    Then, if we listen to Jesus, we realize we failed to love and help. Hopefully we learn to get to the love phase as quickly as we can!

  5. Laurie Lloyd

    Hi Darla,

    In my own ignorance, I used to be so quick to judge everyone. As the Lord has worked with me over the years, I have been learning His gift of discernment over my thoughts and actions. Instead of being quick to judge the wrong, I let Jesus write in the dirt of my heart first, make sure I am right with Him, before I try to correct others. As Papa said, listening to Jesus first will lead us to the love phase quickly. Correction must be firm but done in love. This is how Jesus deals with me and I am so thankful He does not throw rocks!! Just my thoughts girl, you know how I am:)

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  6. There are the Protestant Bible study programs but not very many Catholic ones. Cailyn Bible

  7. Does this mean we all have to start writing Part 2???

    I’m quite competitive. 🙄

    To realize the finger of God is writing…it made me think of the finger of God writing in Daniel telling the king he had been weighed in the balance and had been found wanting.

    I’m thinking He must have weighed them. We are to see the works around and determine if they are of God or not. We have a clear word through which we can discern, if we take the time to read and study it, to show ourselves approved.

    Thanks, Darla. Man! I don’t wanna have to go write another part. 😐

  8. thanks ALL for your comments! I love the Word and sometimes I just cannot stop once I am on a roll with a thought pattern…NO I will not always do a part 2 LOL

    Have a great day in the Lord…I will check in later..and who knows maybe a new post!

  9. Michelle, the writing on the wall in Daniel also was on that was on my mind…shortly after the interpretation Babylon was taken over…again..the finger of God was passing judgement.

  10. Jason

    When ‘finger’ is used in matters of God’s work, it is involved in the work of purification.

    Writing the law with his finger (Exodus 31:18) establishes his character to the degree he has allowed us to understand it – the perfection that is Him. By these standards we are judged, by who He is we are judged, and judgment is purification, that which is impure is cast out. We are judged by his character in and of ourselves or through Christ, and his finger exacts that purification.

    When the priests in the OT acted as God’s vice-regents in matters of atonement for sins, they would use their finger to apply the blood of the sacrifice, applying God’s propitiation, though imperfectly and without complete satisfaction for sins.

    When Christ wrote what he wrote, whatever he wrote, it was the finger of God establishing some proscriptive line in the sand, literally and figuratively in this instance. Purity of judgment flowing from the law.

    This line in the sand also provided grace to a sinner, just as the actions prescribed by God and taken by the Priests did in the covenant under Moses, grace flowing from Christ alone. Purity flowing from Christ’s fulfillment of the law.

    Praise Him!

    for being the standard of purity, the effector of purity, that the finger of God would make purification for us through Christ and not bring his finger of purification upon our miserable selves.

  11. Thank you for that, Jason. I hadn’t put all of that together. It made me think of the Refiner’s fire, the purification of standing before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Will what we have done for Him make it through the fire, like gold, silver, precious gems or will it be burned up as wood, hay or stubble.

    That understanding keeps me on my knees.

  12. Wonderful stuff. The “two tablets of stone” written by the finger of God in Deut. 9:12, and Exodus 31:18, and the two other references in Exodus 8:19, when the Lord through Moses brought the great plagues on Egypt, Pharaoh’s magicians wer able to imitate the first few miracles, but soon their deceptive “magic” could no longer compare, and they had to confess, “This is the finger of God.”

    Luke 11:20, when the Pharisees charge that His power to cast evil spirits out of demon-possessed people had been given to Him by Satatn, He affirmed rather, “I with the finger of God cast out devils”…

    More purity stuff…..

  13. wow…where did I learn how to type??? 🙂

  14. THIS IS GREAT Darla!! Really. I love how you’ve pulled out ‘finger of God’ from all of these passages. 😀 Makes my heart laugh inside. I love truth and understanding. So good.

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