Make a difference-Monday Prayer

Deb is doing the Make a difference Monday…so here is my entry.

This last week has been filled with answered prayer.  Praise God!  Lots for myself in my walk and in my obedience to God. I have been greatly encouraged right here!  My family has also recieved lots of answer prayer, for adjusting to new schedules, to be drawn closer to the Lord.  And my soul is not tormented today! YAY!

Prayer requests

-a new study starting in October, for God guidance in all of it, and for the hearts to be there that HE has already chosen.

-my friend Robert, loves the Lord, is in ministry…is struggling with the enemy and has had many obstacles to jump and pits to overcome.  I know God will be faithful to him, pray for his encouragement.

-lift up the Pastors all over the world, to be focused on the Lord, to be shielded from the enemy, to have hearts that are soft to HIM.

-don’t forget to pray for yourself…HE wants to hear it, and wants to answer it!

What an awesome God we serve!  What a privilege to have open communications with our Soveriegn God!



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5 responses to “Make a difference-Monday Prayer

  1. tam

    i am praying for that new study of yours. ive been thinking about it and you since we talked last week. i know there will be opposition because it is a tough one. so i am praying for HIS strength to fall heavy on you. His wisdom. His total and complete guidance.

  2. Thank you Tam ! I am praying for you and B as well and wondered why you are not on this post..I assure you it was just my brain taking a break 😯

    I can actually feel the power of prayer today…that is so cool! haha

  3. I’m on it!!!

    Another storm is pushing into the gulf and my body is screaming at me…thats’ all, just that, a little relief would be good.

    Love you!!!

  4. praying for you Michelle…I heard about another storm, and wish you were here…love you so much!

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