Counting Blessings

Joe reminded me today how much fun it is to count my blessings.  It has been a blast today, even working to start naming my blessings, no matter how big or how small…

here are some of my blessings…

-knowing the Lord is the biggest one

-my faith family both here and in Blogsville

-the Lords provision that we always have enough

-my husbands patience, and smile (and yes I do push it)


-my studies and how they make me grow

-my children(precious)

-i still live in a country where its not illegal to worship in my car (not yet anyway)

-the sunshine

-the moon and stars

-nature..all of it

just a very small list…but you get my point..the more I praise and thank HIM the more I can think of to praise and thank HIM…how about you?? count any blessings lately??



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6 responses to “Counting Blessings

  1. My God

    My husband

    My children

    My friends (that’s where you belong)

    My puppy


  2. Michelle- I saw you over at Joes..that just made my thoughts get right in line…I love to just say thank you Lord..and when I get started naming just is never ending…and you are in my many blessings as well! I so ♥ you!

  3. Oh my! Where do I start – thats easy – mama!

  4. Hi Darla, the biggest blessing for me over the past few days is the birth of our beautiful baby nephew, thank You Lord, he is very, very cute 🙂

  5. as you know Darla – mama and I feel very blessed. We have very many & wonderful blessings. many think that blessings are just given by God – I don’t think so. We have to be obedient to him, follow him as close as we can, then the blessings come. When we are disobedient to his calling for us we tend to bring disaster, not blessings on our lives. Oh that we would be obedient!

  6. Such a great game. 🙂 Fantastic!

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