Their has been times when I really loved stretching.  But this time, it hurts, it is taking up all my thinking,  it has offended people I love, it has caused me re-evaluate just about everything in my life,  Being out of my comfort zone is an understatement. 

The good side is; I have never been more aware of my need to walk closely to the Lord. not only walking close, but holding on with two hands, and at times, begging to be picked up into HIS arms because I can’t see from where I am.

Would I change any of it?  No, here I am Lord, send me. 

Been stretched lately??



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11 responses to “Stretching

  1. We’re on a two man bike, He’s steering, every time I ask Him where we’re going, He tells me…”peddle”…I think that pretty much sums it up! I’m right beside you…and love you so much!


  2. Oh man, yes! Sometimes I wish He’d give me a break, but He must not think I’m ready for one yet.

    I’ll take what He gives and pray for the strength to “feel the burn.”

    Love you, Darla! Hope your day has been a good one.

    Hey, I know this is ironic since I am the Picassohead person…but, I have no idea how to make mine into an avatar. Any suggestions? 😉

  3. carl and give him the link…he knows and he did mine so that I could save it as a pic through my email…and then I could apply it..but I am not that computer literate. 🙂

  4. I suggest we get J and Dan in the act here….these alien people are almost too much to take…LOL

    Love you guys!

  5. nostawetan

    I’m overstretched…maybe i snapped!

  6. Noah built a Boat.. The Israelites were uncomfortable with the Amalikites poking them all the time…. Peter got out of the boat…

    Choosing Christ is not comfortable sometimes. Especially when what he asks us to do goes against our earthly fleshes desire.

    Darla don’t ever apologize or feel bad for stretching your faith and the faith of others. It is how God pushes us to grow and learn more about him.

    Love ya sis…

    Oh and Michelle should have her new avatar.

  7. nate- 😆 I hear you brother…some think I have snapped…oh well…to live is CHrist…and I am feeling like a dead man walking! and its all good…just need to adjust. Love ya and praying for you and yours..any breakthrough yet?

    Carl- thanks…I have been out of my comfortzone many times…but this time…is different some how…and I still can’t think of a place I would rather be… 😯

  8. tam

    i understand and relate. really, i do. the offending people you love part is the hardest part for me. it makes me sad. but…nothing matters more to me than drawing close to Him and walking the road HE has prepared for ME. i have to stay true to that. right now, as a family – we’ve realized that road has taken on a whole new shape and it sure is stretching us.. BIG. TIME. but like…we take His road..unapologetically.

  9. Mama said she is starting the poached eggs ths morning – she thought of the sweet rolls – we are waiting ——

    I am getting older – I don’t stretch as flexible as I use to. But to do the things that He may have for me that are new I need to work at staying limber.

    When I bought Amos my horse a couple of years ago – it was a start of new relationship – i found that stretching was a significant part of this new relationship! stretch Darla – you are aging as well! :o)

  10. 😆 i am aging!! hahaha

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