Define Godly

Really, I want to know what you think is Godly.  I want to know what you think it looks like.  And I want to know who you picture as Godly, someone you know, or has taught you..personally.  I don’t think you can be wrong here, unless of course you pick someone anti-God and call them Godly.  All comments are welcome!  I will come back later and give my thoughts as well.



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26 responses to “Define Godly

  1. godliness – eusebeia (2150)

    1) reverence, respect
    2) piety towards God, godliness

    from 2152; piety; specially, the gospel scheme:-godliness, holiness.

  2. Michelle- you are so smart! was that in your head?? girl what are you drinking with your breakfast? I want some! 🙂 love you

  3. Ummm…no. I cheated. 😳

    I do remember when studying 2Peter that Kay Arthur went on to explain it is living above the petty things in life. Not letting the little things get to us…but having an eternal perspective.

    Love you too!!

  4. Jason

    If I may

    Romans 1:18 has asebeia – really the antonym of that which is being asked, ungodliness.

    The standard definition of its verb, asebew, is

    “Pertaining to violating norms for a proper or professed relation to deity” – BDAG

    e.g.: idolatry.

    I think this antonym helps us get closer to what godliness is, that is a thought, belief, or behavior that leads to or is included in idolatry.

  5. Jason!! wow that is my missing link!! I have been looking for a way to tie the two together to show that we either have one or the other. I only have a few minutes…but I am seriously smiling and thanking God for this!! love you brother, and keeping you in my prayers!! wow I think I might even do a happy dance!

  6. Jason

    I love being the missing link (where’s Robert when we need him)

  7. Jason

    I really am glad it blessed you, D.

  8. Romans 12:1 Therefore I urge you brothers in View of God’s mercy to offer your selves wholly and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual act of worship.

    To be Godly is to give it all, in a way the pleases to the Lord. To sacrifice and be worshipful.

  9. Hey sis… Are you not on the Bus today?

  10. Well…TO ME, being Godly is different in every single person. If you love the Lord, you are Godly. We all grow differently in Him so each person who loves the Lord (and TRULY loves HIM) really gives a lot to me. I learn a lot by watching them…no matter if they are a babe in Christ or a veteran…. I love all those peeps!! 🙂

  11. Godly is someone that walks in God’s precepts. I try to walk as God would have me walk. I am like my earthly father because I have his genes, I actually look a lot like my dad. I also have Godly genes, I was created in his image. His Word gives me a guideline how I should live.

  12. Hi Darla, I’ve been missing you lately so just dropped by to say hi 🙂 What do I think of when I think of being Godly? Someone who reflects Jesus in their character, in what they say and do.
    Who have I met in my life who is Godly? I’ve had a teacher and a boss whose humility in God really impacted me, and helped me to understand this part of Who Jesus is. Close family members have given me a picture of God’s grace and His unconditional love. Bless you 🙂

  13. I will be around today..I need to catch up with you CK..maybe I will send an email you bro and miss you when your gone!

  14. The first thought that popped in my head was love. The scripture that goes something like “And they shall know me through your love” [I totally paraphrased, can’t find where it is right now] really stands out in light of your post. And love can be relative in the world. When I say love, it encompasses a lot of things. Forgiveness. Humility. Patience. Committment. Sacrifice.

    Love you 🙂

  15. you all have been very awesome in your comments!

    Gch- girl you have no idea how much love our Father gives me for you!! it is overflowing!!

    Carl- I wish I could explain why it gives me joy when you hijack my blog…I just know it does!

  16. Humble people who aren’t all about themselves, but are truly about others. I love being around and learning from people like this. 🙂

  17. Selena- I hear you! those are my favorite types to be around also..and what I want to be more like when I grow up…they are a picture of Jesus to me…thus being Godly. love ya girl!!

  18. Mary P

    hey princess
    look at my mom – she shows me Godly as she deals with cancer and the stress of two years of treatments. she is always accepting of what God has for her and has His Peace filling her.
    love you

  19. yes mary your mama is a very godly person. I am looking here for personal views of godliness…seems there are many views, and maybe the reason for the confusion at times with the term “Godly” Thanks Mary for commenting and not just being a lurker! 😉

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