Conversations on the bus…

Things that were told to me just this morning…

6year old- beautiful dress- Miss Darla don’t I look just like a princess? (obviously this child has won my heart)

Me- absolutely…

6year old- thats because I am a princess-Big smile..(I did tell you she stole my heart)

Me- you are speaking truth!  Hope you don’t ever forget that you are a princess.


6year old boy-( my tylenol kid from last year) Miss Darla, I tried to bring you tylenol today, because its going to be mom said you have to get your own! 

Me- hahahahahhahahahahhaha thanks for trying.


9year old boy-(my sheep whisperer from last year) Miss Darla, that bunny you gave me in the summer is doing real good. Today I am going to try to put a leash on him, and go herd cows.

Me- I don’t think that is a good idea.

9year old- (Laughing) yesterday I let him in the barn, and the cows run from him (still laughing), my dad was so was great! (big smile)


10 year old girl- Miss Darla, why do boys stink?

Me- (trying not to agree or laugh) I don’t know, maybe its a boy thing, they grow up and they don’t stink then.

10 year old – these boys on the bus stink…and every grown up boy I know stinks too…can I sit with a girl?

Me- please sit with a girl….and its good that you don’t like boys yet..

!0 year old girl- yea! they stink…eeewwwwwwwwwwww



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17 responses to “Conversations on the bus…


    Thank you! You should submit some of these to Reader’s Digest — or start collecting for a book.

    Honestly. 😉

    ♥ U!

  2. Fun-NY!

    The fact that boys stink really isn’t really the problem – its a symptom. The PROBLEM is boy don’t bathe or change their clothes.

  3. I love you princess! i gotta go put on my deoderant and brush my teeth – mama says I stink! lol

  4. Awww how cute. Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face. I needed that today. Love you.

  5. Love you too Papa! and I am missing you and mama..what a blessed time we had with you both! This weekend I am off to find and buy Farkel! 😆

  6. Gch. Michelle, Ric- I know without a doubt that I am in the job HE wants me in for now. It took very little time for me to fall in love with this bunch of kids…These are the ones that just make my day..and there are some that just rip my heart out, and cause me to pray while I drive…just gorgeous children…and I always think about how Jesus said ..”Let the children come unto me”… they are all so precious and even the tough ones are still children at some one elses mercy. THanks for stopping and commenting even though I have been so busy. Love you!

  7. HAHAHA. Great stories, Darla. Kids are great, aren’t they?

  8. Annie, I love these kids, good days bad days…they feel like mine…I know God fills my heart for I hope I can touch them with Jesus a little everyday. I need to get over to your blog…like now!

  9. Hi daughter! I bought mama Farkel on line somewhere.

  10. Oh Miss Darla….LOL These kids are so blessed to have you as their main squeeze driver…LOL

    I’m glad things have lightened up a bit and that you had such a fun day with these guys….

    Love you bunches and talk with you soon!!!!


  11. Love it… Kids are so funny.. They do not hold anything back.

    Love you sis

  12. nostawetan

    I smell great darla! : )
    This was a great post. It made me wish I was a naive little kids again.

  13. You know this is your ministry – right? God hired you – not the school system!

  14. Laurie Lloyd

    Hey Darla,

    You know that I totally agree with Papa. THIS IS YOUR MINISTRY and it is GOD that hired you!!! I love it. And the sheep whisperer herding cows with a leashed rabbit just cracks me up. The picture that came to my mind will stay with me all day!! I just love little kids and the way God made them. We can learn so much if we just slow down and watch them in action:) Little boys are supposed to smell, they are GODS WARRIORS. A little boy is all God has with which to make a man. You know I am praying for this bus and all who enter it!!!
    I love you and pray for all your KIDDOS.

    Laurie in Ca.

  15. I do know that the Lord has orchestrated every minute of the bus training as well as the route I have…and some of these children really need prayer. Thanks for lifting us, I see the result of the prayers everyday!

  16. Nate- 😆 my man said the same thing!! and yea some guys do smell good!

  17. tam

    darla – you might be glad to know this…kota is finally taking regular and DECENT showers. the kids hasnt smelled in days!!! hr. high has done wonders for him…and my nose!

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