More pics!! I can’t help it…

Is she not the radiant beauty of a Princess!! ( you know I believe Jesus had the same color skin..absolutely gorgeous!!!)

Papa and his daughters…I believe that we enjoyed that as much as him

Introducing my new sister and brother!! I am missing them already, and how they love the Lord! What a precious gift from God, and yes a big surprise for me!! I just love them!

I will post pics of mama after i ask her…she is a sweetie, and a woman to be respected!  not to mention a game player that takes joy in winning!! we had so much fun with her.



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12 responses to “More pics!! I can’t help it…

  1. What a wonderful weekend it was! and – having GCH there w/her hubs was a real treat! Thanks again for coming – mama was tickled and blessed too. You can post any pics of mama you have – she is not picture shy! lol

  2. tam

    she is stunning! she radiates more than just an outward beauty too, for sure!!!

    i am so glad you had such a good time!

    when are you coming back here???

  3. Tam- how about as soon as I get a nap?? I am dreaming with my eyes open…I am wishing and praying!! told Papa to get ready to fall in love with Oregon…and all of you too!

  4. Papa- 😆 thank mama for me..I have the kissy pic..are you sure its okay?? I love it!!!

  5. Just trying to remain mature here…

    I am so happy for all y’all!!!

  6. This is Mama,,,I haven’t seen the picture but I guess it is alright. SMILE After all I do LOVE the GUY. 🙂 LOL He is my bestest friend.
    Thanks again for the flowers. I have two vases of them now. SMILE.
    It already seems like a long time ago that you were here.
    God bless each of you. Love and prayers MAMA

  7. Mama- scott put it up on his blog..hoping and praying that we are as much in love as you are, after our children are grown! you inspire me!

  8. Yeah for pictures! Yes, I think the same thing about Jesus’ skin color – gorgeous. Thanks!

  9. Which one is the radiant one? I am confused…

    I will just go with both of them…. 😉 😀

    Love ya sis…

  10. Ric- you and Bad are definitely on the list of who we want to hook up with! We just need to coordinate everyones schedules…thinking…hard work for me today 😆

    Annie- I always enjoy your comments, hopefully today i will get the chance to visit your blog.

    Michelle- great minds do think alike! 😯 I get lucky sometimes 😉 and I just can’t picture you being immature **cough** love you!

    Carl- you are way too kind to me! but from a sister to a rock!

  11. I LOVE YOU! You are tooooo sweet to me. I’m not worthy of all the love and compliments but I receive them anyway. Thank you for blessing me in such a wonderful way with your company and love. Talk to you soon XOX

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