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15 years together, 12 years married!

Some of you know my story, and staying with a man 15 years is an act of God!  Today is our anniversary.  I am more in love today than the day I said “I do”.  God has truly blessed me with Scott.  Honestly…how many men would step into a relationship with a woman who was experiencing drama with an “ex”, a baby girl one and a half years old, and another daughter 8 years old?  Man, could we tell some stories of being down on the bottom!  But through it all, My hubs has always stood by me, took up my battles, shook his head when not understanding, and helped me raise two beautiful daughters as his own.  We have a son together, and I have not ever seen him treat one better than the other.  He loves them all, and they in turn love their Daddy.  Hubs has taught me lots in the last 15 years.  I learned that gentlemen still exist, love is worth fighting for, and those weeks were the money just ran out..we are so rich in the grace of God, and the gift of this marriage.  This year our daughter got married, and hubs was every bit her daddy, right down to the tear in his eye while handing her over to her prince charming.

Hubs, I believe God put you in our life, to walk with us, to love us, and to help us see right from wrong…you have done all that, and a million other things! I am praising God today for you, and the love that HE shows me through you.  You are a picture to me of how Christ loves the church…and its amazing the sacrifices I have seen you go through for me and the kids…for no other reason than you love us.  Thank you for being you and thank you for loving us.  Happy Anniversary!!

(I wanted to shout this from the top of a skyscraper or the top of a mountian…but after thinking that one would hear how great I think you are…so hey! I am on the world wide web and lots of people will know what I think about my Baby!….Dude you even help with laundry, and dishes, and kids, cook…oh my..I am a spoiled brat girl..Love you!)

**update** hey hubs! you are my 200th post on WordPress…( haahahahaha can you dig it,baby? ) I am old!



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“Believe Me”

A very long time ago, while begging the Lord to return, HE told me “my bride isn’t ready, she doesn’t believe me”.  While studying and looking through terminology on the “bride”, my study of revelations began.  The bride is to believe HIM, not just that HE is, but all that makes HIM who HE is.  It totally changes the heart and the view of the world around us.  “How to be an Overcomer” is huge in my search engines that direct to this blog…so many people looking to overcome something, and looking for answers.  To be an overcomer starts with believing HIM…its a trust issue.  Its something we work at, something we choose, not always a feeling or emotion…It is possible if we know who HE is, and that HE is capable of doing all that HE says.  If we don’t know the Word of God, we can not know HIM, its personal, its one on one, its taking HIM at HIS word, and not mixing a ton of what others think or believe into the mix. 

Recently God has been helping me to love the body of Christ.  Seems strange to say that, but its true.  Although I did not expect to fall in love with the body.  SHE is extremely beautiful, and I am understanding a little more why HE would say “I am enthalled by your beauty”.  

I can do all things, (ANYTHING) through HIM who strengthens me…EVERYTHING is possible..Jesus loves some Misfits, and they are the body of Christ. The hardest part of believing for me is to believe that I am who God says I am.  How about you, do you believe it? Do you know your identity in Christ?

If you haven’t already need to..visit Nor and his recent post, and Carl and his recent post, both on John chapter 5..this is the body, and they are beautiful!


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Do you dream when you sleep? Can you fly in your dreams?  What causes dreams, especially those kind where people are out of place, not just geographically but also in time?  I have been sitting and laughing this morning over a totally ridiculous dream I had last night that actually gave me joy! how absurd!?!  My daughters and I have talked about having dreams that really hurt our feelings and the next day having a struggle with looking at or responding well to those people. Oh MY!!! the line between reality and the dream world… how about you..dreams?


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Who is really on the Throne?

5,137,567 -big number and most likely not conclusive.  This is the number of pics that come up on the web in a search for “God”.  There are gods represented in these pics that I have never heard of, and their works have not reached my ears.  But they are gods.  Some pics are pics of Bibles, crosses, and some are man’s attempt to visualize a god that can’t be visual with our eyes.  Spiritual eyes…maybe..but I am sure that only heaven has seen HIS face due to the fact that “if anyone see my face, it would kill him” so HE tends to show HIS glory more often then we see godly men laying around dead.

In my search for idols, I have realized how very laxed I have become, and how much we take for granted our freedom in Christ.  I used to teach 5-6 grade children, and teaching them how God wants to be on the throne in your heart.  I just wonder, have we at times become so wise that we have forgot to check who is on the throne in our heart.  It seems to vary.  When did we stop fearing HIM? or reverencing HIM?  I think about how we would not be so bold in a face to face with any King in this world, we would be quiet, we would be fearful of our fate as it lays in his hands, and we would most likely be agreeable (at least appearing to be).  Our God is the KING over all Kings, how much more should HE recieve from us.  As HIS children we are told that we can come boldly to HIS throne and ask anything.  I fear today that all too often we take the right as children and go boldly into HIS throne room, and behind our backs we hold the things HE has told us to leave behind, the real rulers of our hearts.  I think we mock our God when we do this, and this morning it scared me.  HE won’t be mocked.  Don’t mistake kindness for weakness!  HE is all powerful, all knowing, an all consuming fire, and we are before HIM night and day, and our fate does lie in HIS hands.  HE is jealous.  That doesn’t sit will with some, and well..its the WORD.  Carl has an excellent post that he re-posted on EL KANA/ Qana-God is Jealous.  Its not about the same jealousy that rips relationships apart, it is a holy jealousy, because HE does love us, and HE is working to spare us the outcome of other gods.

Look at the ten commandments, and think about what happens to a person when just one is not kept.  Surely that is not God, that is mans choice to not obey.  If you do this…you will make a list of all the problems this world is facing.  From Aids to wars, to families without daddys, uncontrolled anger…and the list looks like the evening news.  I can’t blame any of this on my God, HE gave us a guideline, and a choice.  HE is jealous for us to know HIM, to obey HIM, and to have HIS rightful seat on the throne of our heart.

Father GOD, once again today I start out in repentance for the idols that have crowded in your throne room, again I lay them on your altar.  I am in total agreeance with you, you are God and there is no other.  Please continue to guide me through this day, and continue to throw flags that hit like bricks so that I am aware, and can begin this process ot ridding myself of them. I know you will help me. but like so many others that came before me, you require for me to tear them down. I want you on the throne in my heart, nothing behind my back, nothing hidden.  Thank you that you are jealous for me, and only your love for me keeps me from being consumed in your fire.  Giving you back this day, and praying that everything I say and do will honor and glorify you.  Your princess, who really wants to walk into your throne room and not see any false gods lined up around you.  I adore you. 


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Prayer-its what we are missing…

Lately, I have noticed how the Spirit seems to be anointing our youth today to stand stronger, and move quicker, and pray harder.  Actually I have been watching this for the last several years. 

Prayer works, and it may not always get the answer we want, but it always gets the best answer.  I pray for my children, I pray for who they will marry, and the friends that they will meet.  One has already married a wonderful man and I do believe it to be a result of prayer.  But today as I was thinking about how our prayer life works, and how dedicated we are to it, I read Trina’s post “Clicks”. Tears.  Honestly, as an adult I see it, and tend to push past it, as I am not a clicky person.  I know the effects it has on the ones looking on…but then I look at Trina..16 years old…and she is praying on her knees in spirit and truth…not for a new car, or for money…but for the body of Christ to do what it is sent to do.  Love someone unlovely, be accepting to someone that may even be repulsive.  Check her out..i am joining her in that prayer she wrote, I hope you do too.  Prayer it works…we need to it…and we need to think big and out of the box…faith like a child.

Don’t forget to go to Debs and leave a comment on answers to prayer or leave a prayer request.


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Blogging Bible Study-John 5

While reading through this chapter and looking at commentaries, something has been strong on my heart.  I don’t expect it to go over well, this is what I see when I read this chapter…

verse 1-15

The pool of Bethesda, was believed to be stirred by Angels on occassion, and then the first one to enter the water was healed.  SO this place has many invalid/disabled people lying around it waiting for this to happen and by chance be able to get into the waters. Not an likely thing to happen if you can not move.  I’ve wondered why this man was selected by Jesus to speak to, and then I am always amazed at the fact that Jesus asks..”Do you want to be well/healed?”  Does this imply that some don’t want healing, or does HE want to hear us speak it?  It may make the answer more personal than a mere assumption.  (Many ways to look at it. ) It is also the Sabbath.  Are you amazed that the Jews who confronted this healed man, did not rejoice in the healing?  Its not like this happens everyday, and surely one could wait one more day.

verse 16-30

Because of healing a man on the Sabbath and telling him to pick up his pallet/bed…the Jews have a heartburn about it. Confrontation with Jesus…Jesus reveals HIS place as God the Son, and this doesn’t go over well, now they have one more thing to add to why they hate HIm…this appears blasphemous to them. Jesus speaks of resurrection day, and judgement, and that HE will be doing the judgement of the living and the dead.  Also, if one doesn’t honor the Son, the love of God is not in them…can you imagine hearing that? Would you and I have been receptive to this?

Today I have a different view of these Jewish teachers/leaders.  The could not understand, and they could not believe, and they could not see truth.  We are sometimes quick to judge them, and we are just like them.  We dig at times in the word and continue to dig until we find something that may be used to enforce our stanse or belief system.  These men were spiritually blinded.  This is not even about them.. Jesus had to take the road to the cross, if they had believed, it would not have happened.  Thus we would all be condemned to hell.  Why then would Jesus go to such great extents to reveal who HE is, and how it all works with the Father, when they were not going to get it?  May I just offer this….For you, for me, to read on this day, and see HIM, who HE is, what HE has gone through as a Man, with mans limitations, did HE feel their reject? Did HE experience speaking truth only to be hated for it?  Then HE well understands us and what we are up against as followers.  HE healed a lame man of 38 years…the man is walking and strong enough to carry his bed roll…totally over looked…

verse 31-47

This section actually steps on toes pretty hard…It reminds me of arguments I have heard in interpretation of the Word, as if only Calvin, or only Matthew Henry, or Scofield have a word.  I do esteem them..but I must not take their word over the Word or testimony of Jesus.  Sometimes doctrines are self serving and praise themselves, and force that thinking on someone else…and few times in those arguments do I hear, lets just look at what Jesus really said, and lets just ask HIM for understanding and application.  I think this is what Jesus is talking about to the Jews…you will believe John (baptist), or Moses, and they are all talking about ME, but you don’t believe Me.  Praying that I do not fall into that trap.  But believing that all happened as it did sooo that HE would say these things, and all the while knowing I would sit here and ponder it, take it to heart, and look for a way to apply it.

Just my simple thoughts, don’t forget to visit the rest of the study group through out this week…they are an amazing group , and I am always enlightened and encouraged as I read thier thoughts and findings.  Go here and check out our line up for the week, and let Carl know if you would like to join the group.


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