Labor Day Weekend-banging!

Papa and Mama know how to have fun! and they were not stingy in sharing with us! LOVE THEM!!

Frantz’s make breakfast for Mama and Papa…Derek made the pancakes, and Mama was excited about it!  (she is a sweetheart..LOVE HER!)

Sweet Gch-y Gch-y girl!! love her!!, she is extremely beautiful inside and out!! and also had her hand in this cookie jar…post about it on Papas blog!! LOL  What a wonderful surprise!!!

This was the end to the perfect day, we all went back out on the lake in Precious 2, Papa showed us how fast it goes…and let us hang out to watch the perfect sunset!  AWESOME!!

Well, we are still not home…we are half way, at the hotel…and headed the rest of the way in the morning..but for this babies are looking hungry again…so we are out to find some food.  For all who have been praying for us..Thank you! We are truly blessed, and giving God all the Praise!  More pics to com….



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15 responses to “Labor Day Weekend-banging!

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Love the sunset. God is awesome.

    Love you sis.

  2. tam

    i am so glad you are sharing you amazing family with so many! darla, truly…i KNOW you blessed mama and papa…as im sure they blessed you too!

    i am SO glad you and such a wonderful time!

    missing you. a lot!

    love you!

  3. Miss you! when you coming back ?? I guess its our turn!!

  4. Love you Papa, I am missing my goodnight hug and kiss already! Well I still get one from hubs…that is good! God has truly blessed me with you and mama in my life. HE knew how badly i needed to sense family, and there is no better family than the family of CHrist!!

    Ck- glad to see you back…I have missed you so much! Hope your princess will want to get on sometime soon, I already love her! And as far as sunsets…I love them! and believe they are made for me! LOL like a kiss from heaven…

    Tam- girl you know I love you! we left you a message after you sent a text, but you didn’t call us phone had no bars, and occasionally a text came through…but we thought you would call back on Papas phone..we were going to do speaker with you. All squeezes delivered!

  5. Your papa loves you – i am so glad we have such a big family!!

  6. ahhhh Miss Darla…thank you for making me a part of this….plan on the same when they get her in October!!! You guys just blessed me and I know it was awesome for ya’ll as well…sorry I missed the cam 😦 I’m here now!!! 🙂 Love you guys and talk with ya soon….praying for save travels! Smoochie!

  7. Heidi

    I love you Darla… These amazing people are so fortuanate and blessed to be squeezing on you an INCREDIBLE woman…

    I love you!! 🙂

  8. Prin~I love you!! I had such an awesome time with all of you. It doesn’t feel like it was enough though so we have to plan another trip so we can spend more time together. Got your text last night and this morning; thank you! Love you and praying for traveling mercy for you all. Let me know yall made it home safely. XOX

  9. This just makes my heart warm and GREEN at the same time…is that really possible?? :mrgreen:

  10. yes Michelle it is…but I would love to spend some time with you…even to just help you around the house..and make you smile!!!

  11. Darla – when u coming to Barbados to visit ME? 😀

  12. tam

    i know!!! i totally missed the call…like..forever! 😦 AND…i cant find papa’s number 😦 😦

  13. bajan- if God provides I would love to meet you and Leesan…(spelling?) and Barbados would be mega vacation for me!! love you rock!

  14. lol spelling: Lesanne 🙂 No… YOU rock lol 😀 Love you sis!

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